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When your Torah observance falls short

Many people within the Messianic faith focus on a persons acceptance, accommodation and commitment to observing the Torah given Israel. And many struggle with how, when, where, who, why….  in relation to Torah commands.  I’ve seen throughout the years many be so concerned with these struggles that it polarizes them into pro vs anti Torah positions. What I think is missing is a key understand of the Gospel message our Messiah gave.  The focus should not be on how or why we observe but what happens when we don’t observe?  Or haven’t, or didn’t, or thought we were but realized not so much.  In this Torah observant obsessed movement are we forgetting the mercy and grace given by the Torah giver himself? When we focus on ‘our ability to observe what we can’ , do we miss the weightier message of what happens when we don’t?  From my experience of Hebrew Roots/Torah observant theology I’ve seen many focus and fret about there observance to Torah commands. But what about when we fail?  I’ve seen many say the Spirit was given to lead us into the Torah commands that apply to each individual.  Completely ignoring the commands given to ‘national’ Israel, or conflating them into ones individual paradigm.

What I would like to offer those who may fear their observance to Torah commands is lacking or needing more Spirit to follow, is the Word that as given to us from above regarding when our Torah observance falls short.

Sin=lawlessness, or non-Torah observance.

Psalm 79:9

Jeremiah 31:34

Matthew 26:28

Hosea 14:2

Matthew 6:15

Matthew 9:6

Luke 11:4

John 20:23

Hebrews 8:12

1 John 1:9

Luke 1:77

Acts 10:43

Acts 13:38

How utterly awesome! Messiah forgives us when we are not observant.

Now, I’m not attempting to lead people to disregard the Torah commands.  I am merely pointing out that the purpose of the Spirit is not to cause one to perfectly observe the Torah commands we can apply to ourselves, but to believe in the forgiveness offered through Messiah Yeshua when our Torah observance falls short.  Meaning, He didn’t come to cause all to walk out the Torah perfectly, he came to forgive those who could not.

That all who believe in him and his work receive forgiveness for not observing Torah as commanded. He came to forgive us and sanctify us through the indwelling of the Spirit.  He did not come to cause observance to the Torah given Israel as through observance/works.

Is Torah good, yes. Is Torah holy, yes. Did it bring about the One it promised, yes. Why? To make all the world observant to the Torah given Israel? Or to offer all the world forgiveness of sins? Did Messiah come to make the gentiles observant to Torah? Or to make Jews and Gentiles righteous through faith?

For those within the Hebrew Roots movement who feel the weight of the commands are worth putting on your shoulders, I implore you to let Yeshua carry that burden and receive the forgiveness he offers. And stop focusing on if you observe good enough or at all, but on the work our Messiah has done for us, and receive his promised gift.  Which does not come through observances but through faith.

How utterly awesome that our Messiah forgives us when we are not observant.  Listen and obey, but understand that you can not fulfill the commandment unless you let Messiah do his work within you.  When we die to ourselves and live through Messiah we are realizing that we are not called to believe through our obedience, but to be obedient through our faith. Which leads to all good works.  Faith leads to love and love covers a multitude of sins. So focus on Torah, and realize the forgiveness offered through Yeshua’s name. Because I notice that Messiah did not focus on teaching Jews and Gentiles to observe Torah commands given Israel. He focused on teaching Jews and Gentiles to accept through faith the forgiveness that comes through the work/observance of our Messiah in regards to the Torah.

Realize your forgiven for non Torah observances and live by the Spirit of God that was given all who believe. The focus…..forgiveness, not observance. And even if you believe your observances are demanded, realize the awesome forgiveness offered when we (all) fall short.



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