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Another watchman returns home to Yeshua the King

bfaa5545-e641-4ca0-ac80-2e035dff1bb9It is with great sorrow and pain that I announce the passing away of my very good friend and blog partner Charles Ryalls.

He is in his last stages of passing and will be buried in a Jewish plot sometime this week.

My condolences go out to his family and friends.  He was an awesome person who will be sorely missed.  I will respond soon with a proper eulogy.


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7 comments on “Another watchman returns home to Yeshua the King

  1. Kathy
    March 17, 2015

    And now he knows the truth.

    Thanks for letting everyone know, Shimshon. Charles will be missed.

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  2. Matzah Mama
    March 17, 2015

    Charles will be missed greatly. He had such good insights to share and had a passion for Yeshua that no one could contain.
    I know he is probably rejoicing with his Father, but for us who are left behind, the sorrow hits hard.


  3. Shimshon
    March 18, 2015

    I’ve lost one of my dearest friends……. May Yeshua continue to bless and keep his family.


  4. Kae K; Charles Ryalls Daughter
    October 21, 2015

    Friends and Family of Charles I bid you many thanks for all the loving words thoughts and prayers for my lost yet found father, Charles. My Father Charles will forever be in my heart, my head and be my hero. Yes, Charles’s body had passed on but his spirit will forever be with each of us.

    During my Fathers last few months he and I would both read scriptures while both taking in this poison; the difference……. Dad would have many prayers like begging for instructions, There was no cure for either of us just take this poison for the rest of our lives to hopefully keep ahead of the tumors growth; this made my Father Angry; Dad knew his days were numbered and he felt the dark shadow people around us both just ready to swoop in and take us but Dad was determined to not go out without a fight and that is just what he did. Dad’s last week was the most challenging for us both but he did win the battle, not only for himself but for me too. Let me take a moment and explain. Shortly before my Dad’s passing he prayed over me many times anointing me in oils and begging the Lord for his strength and shouting out at all the demands that surround us all. Before Charles passed he managed to funnel the power and strength of Yeshua Our King, he placed his hand upon my head and prayed asking Our Lord to allow him to take my cancer with him. I am told that within moments of his Roaring prayer that I had passed out onto the floor aside his bed. The following days I had no head aches just heart aches as I watched my Father take his last few breaths as he dreamed and glimpse of a smile came upon his face as a tear rolled down his cheek as he soon passed. My heart just rupture in the most intense pain I had ever felt in my life.

    A few weeks following Charles’s death I returned back to my home state and learned through a series of tests I had learned that my tumor was gone and only an image of a mans left hand was visible with a faint imagine thought to be a ring that once was worn on my Father’s left hand. I know now that my Father has been and always will be my Guardian Angel sent by God himself. I pray that everyone out there has a truly remarkable Angel like my Father, Charles looking out for them as Charles Loves Us All.


  5. Shimshon
    October 22, 2015

    I’m at a loss for words, except thank you! And Praise God! What an awesome testimony! My wife was just this week thinking of Charles and missing him, she said it was time for him to post something. And then he does, from the grave, through your witness. Thank you so much Kathy for sharing all of this with us. It has brought tears of joy and sadness to my eyes. But it has helped to heal the wound as well. Thank you so much! Thank you Lord so much for all you do and have done and will do. I still have to let this soak in some more. It has moved me beyond words. Thank you! God is GOOD! I miss your father so much… Thank you for sharing this awesome good news! Congratulations Kathy!! Live your life for God in memory of your father!! He was such an awesome brother and friend, you have removed the band-aid and I can now look at the scar with peace that my friend is in the arms of the One who really matters. May he always protect shield and save us.


    • Kae K; Charles Ryalls Daughter
      November 4, 2015

      Shimshon, This is Kae, Proudly Charles Ryalls Daughter, here is a message that needs to be shared with all that will read or listen.

      GOD heals all with a meer thought of trust in him and his glory.
      GOD sent his only son to die for us, to cleanse us; not to punish us.
      GOD is our Father and our maker; we are saved.
      We repent; we are saved.
      We love our known and unknown brothers and sisters; we are saved.
      We love others as much as GOD loves us; we are saved.
      We trust only in GOD and his Love; we are saved.
      We share his Love; we are saved.
      We share GOD path with others; we are saved.
      We pray only to GOD; we are saved.

      My Father, Charles, and I believe that if you put all your love and trust in GODs’ basket you can not go wrong; you will be saved and you will have an eternal life with him in his Glorious Kingdom, you will not be left outside the pearly gates looking in as if you are a stranger or lost poor child at the curb you will be beside him for all eternity, protected from all that may want to cause harm, the shadow people will be no more.

      Many people whom I have shared my recent experience and the gift that I have been given have trouble believing but I pray for them as my Father instructs me to. I can not see my Father unless I look at a picture and believe me……. it brings so much pain yet so much joy at the same time. I miss him so much words can not express but I know he is in a much better place because he tells me, I hear him and he affirms to me that he is no longer in physical bodily pain just the pain his heart feels seeing so many brothers and sisters in this world that do not believe or have stopped believing for whatever reason and his job is to watch over all of us and to help guide us only onto GOD. There are days where I feel like giving up; those days are the rough ones but because I do not ever want to disappoint my earthly father he tells me I have disappointed GOD and that I must repent and make whatever wrong right.

      My Father tells me that by laying his hand upon my head and praying over me when he was near death was not to heal me but was for me to merely feel GODs mighty power in my head that I already have felt in my heart and that it would help me to remember his message and the signature his Love leaves on me personally and how I am to share with others spiritually. GOD Saved me from sure death because I prayed and put my trust in him as I left Washington during my own treatment to go be with my Father in Florida during his last months breathing on this earth as he continued to share GODs’ Love and go through his difficult treatment. I trusted that GOD would keep me well enough to take care of my Father and be with him during his final days as I always promised him I would be and then to make it back to my loving and patient husband.

      I am reminded that my job here on earth is not finished yet. GOD has given me a gift to share with the younger generations that seem to be in a state of flux or confusion; my job is to mentor them and show them GODs’ path and how it is the only true path. My Father Charles was unable to do this as his knowledge on so many levels was too entangled with so many other things that the younger minds just can not grasp or understand. Many times when we would be out for a ride on his motorbike we would stop off at the beach along side other whale watchers and enjoy the view of GODs’ other creations. We would soon find ourselves sharing GOD glory with whoever would stay and listen. What we both found to be the most common denominator was that people in today’s world need math or science to prove or disprove just about everything and if it can not done then they deem it unreal……well I am here to tell everyone that GOD is very much REAL. He is present in our everyday lives even if we can not see him, hear him, smell, or taste. GOD IS WITH US; WE JUST NEED TO BELIEVE IN HIM AND HIS KINGDOM, TRUST IN GOD AND PRAISE GOD!

      Thank you GOD for sheltering my Father, Charles, in your Eternal Kingdom of Glory.

      Thank you Shimshon for allowing me to share.
      Love to All,


  6. Kathy
    November 5, 2015

    Awesome testimony! God bless you Kae, and may our heavenly Father hold you close.


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