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asteroid impact

On the Morning of September 11th 2001 I stood before my television and watched in awe as terrorist flew hijacked airplanes into the trade towers in New York, demolishing the symbols of U.S. supremacy in power, economics and culture. They managed to do this in spite of all our supposed protective barriers.  I began to prophesy, to my poor wife who was in tears watching, recalling the words given to John in the revelation,” Fallen, Fallen is Babylon the great, you mother of harlots, who have made the merchants of the Earth rich with your consuming of every commodity of the world.  In one hour you have been brought down.  Now come out of her my people, all who love the Lord and separate yourself from her.”

I shared this word with everyone I could get to listen to me.  I repented personally and encouraged others to also repent and return to God.   But in the halls of power another spirit was at work, just as it was in ancient Israel when she fell to the Babylonians, and the people in arrogance stood and said, “The bricks have all fallen, but we will rebuild with Hewn stones”  the same words of defiance spoken in Israel before God took them into captivity, now the leaders of America  quoted those same words in defiance of God and  promoting their own imagined human power.

I heard from every political talking head on the News and in specials ending their rebellious rant with the words “God Bless America” and I screamed back at them from my own mouth and from my Web site and in all public gatherings where  I  found myself, “Don’t say, God Bless America.  Instead,” America, Bless God!” Be thankful to God and acknowledge Him!   What we needed was repentance, a return to God. But what was happening was  a strong defiance, and hardening of human will against the will of God.  The end of this would be more disaster.   One week after the 911 event the markets of the world crashed, as I have recently learned at the culmination of a Shemitah.  And on the next Shemitah, in 2008, another major crash of world markets, massive unemployment and loss of property.  Millions lost their homes and their savings.

And now here we are again in a Shemitah year, which points to  an erasing of all gains and what has been built up, a leveling of  wealth and the fall of powers coming at the end of this Hebrew  year which began in September 2014.  Does anyone yet see any indication of repentance by America?  I don’t. What I see is a deepening of the filth, degradation and rebellion against all that is Godly.  Things that are evil are praised as good and fun, while the things that are godly are ridiculed and those who believe in God are marginalized or treated like idiots. Most analysts clearly state that we are living in the Post Christian Era.  For me, well I would rather be a gate keeper in your fold Lord, than to live in the house of the Wicked. Am I prophesying a great calamity for the U.S. for this year?  I have not been given a specific word, no.  But the types and patterns of the word of God speak loudly to me, and in my heart, I feel an urgency to share this word once again like in 2001.  We must all repent personally. It may be too late for the nation because its sins are piled up to heaven and I believe judgment has already begun, but God is being merciful to individuals giving us all a chance to separate ourselves from “ Babylon”.  In the Revelations the Lord calls  (Rev 18: 4)  My people you must immediately come out from her so that you would not share her sins and so that you would not take any of her plagues, because her sins reached as far as heaven and God remembered her crimes.

The U.S. feels she is untouchable, sits as a queen and will never mourn.  The events of 2001 and 2008 should prove to all that this is a grievous  error.  America has prospered because of God’s grace to her, and because America followed in the ways of God.  But now, she is fallen, fallen, and the portent of judgments have already come as a warning and were not heeded.

There is a judgment for this nation who feels it is not in need of God’s blessings.   John sees a “Mountain as it were on fire fall from the sky and lands upon the sea and a third of all the sea became like blood and a third of all the creatures in the sea die and a third of all the ships  were destroyed.” Rev 8:8,9

It is difficult to fit these things into a time frame but there is a possibility that is astounding.  Two Shemitahs 14 years from  this current Shemitah year, an Asteroid the size of the Rose bowl will fly by the Earth inside of the orbit of our communications satellites,  on April 13th 2029.  It will return exactly one Shemitah later on 2036 and will impact the earth somewhere between the California  mainland and a point 500 KM in the Pacific off shore from Santa Monica.  Estimates of the damage from this impact are, well, somewhere in the range of what most secularists refer to as “Biblical proportions”. Coincidence or divine judgment? I don’t know.  But this I do know. The time of repentance is now, the day of salvation is today. It may well be too late for America, for its leaders are dumb and do not know the Lord or care for his council.  You and your family and friends, have a chance to seek Him and receive salvation.

Could Apophis be a fulfillment of things during the tribulation or could they be things that happen after the tribulation? Could such a thing take place during the Millennial Kingdom of Messiah?  The scriptures tell us that Messiah will rule over the unbelieving nations with a rod of iron and the nations that do not accept his rule will beaten into dust. (Rev 2 and Rev 19, PS2:9)  We forget that the rule of Messiah is bliss for those who believe but it is harsh for those who resist Him. Modern Christian teaching tell a story that is contrary to the word of God.  They teach that during the tribulation anyone who does not believe in the one God will be thrown into the lake of fire and destroyed and for a thousand years there will be only believers living blissfully on the earth. This teaching is not supported at all by scripture.  We forget sometimes that what the scriptures tell us is that many nations will survive the tribulation and the events of the wrath of God, and that those nations will be taught Gods way, and that they will be made to keep God’s laws.   Even the nations who made war on Jerusalem  will have survivors who will be required to come up to Jerusalem each year for the feast of Sukkot and to worship God.  And if they fail to do so, that nation shall have no rain. (Zechariah 14:16). Perhaps the Apophis event will take place during the Millennial Kingdom. And if that is so, Messiah is coming very very soon.

For more information about Apophis view this short video by Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

For more information on the Shemitah years  read “The mysrtery of the Shemmitah” by Jonathan Cahn or start with  viewing this  video:


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