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Shmita Calculations

I’ve been working a Shmita spreadsheed and trying to fit dates to it.  I’ve uploaded a copy of the excell spreadsheet for you to play around with.  And a pdf of the 49yr cycle.

The spreadsheet has a 50 yr cycle sheet but I have abandoned this because I feel the dates more line up with a 49yr cycle.  I’ve ran both and chucked the 50.

My hope here is to have others fill in dates within the spreadsheet and repost it so I can edit my master.


Shmita Spreadsheed


49yr Shmita PDF

A few page shots below

49yr Shmita (partial)1_Page_13 49yr Shmita (partial)1_Page_01 49yr Shmita (partial)1_Page_07



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8 comments on “Shmita Calculations

  1. cfryalls
    September 11, 2014

    David, what is your final analysis from the Data? It seems that the Shmitah is not a single key indicator. However I don’t think Johnathan Cahn is saying that it is. Personally I don’t think God would put Himself in a situation where He is not able to act on any issue unless it was a shmitah, if you know what I mean. I do have one thing to bring up from the data here which is the birth of Messiah. The old traditional Church date for his birth was 7 BC, but was really based on faulty information. I believe there is a pretty good case for his Birth bein in 2 BC , which would be a Shmitah. The old date was determined by two factors, one was that Cirenius was governor, and the death of Herod which it was recorded took place in the year of a eclipse, and it was recorded that there has been an eclipse in like 8 or 9 BC, ans so these facts were used to estimate a year for his birth. However in more recent times archeological evidence was found that showed that Cirenius served two terms placing him in office much later and with the advent of computers it was discovered that there was a total eclipse over Jerusalem in 1 BC. I wish I could find my notes. Anyway, this means that Yeshua was most likely born in 2 BC.. And since Torah calls for a man to be at least 30 years old to serve in ministry, His ministry would have begun about 28-29 CE, (No year Zero) and lasted 3 .5 years which brings you up to 32-33 CE for the crucifixion. The Data points for the shmitah seem to be more accurate for modern events.


  2. Shimshon
    September 12, 2014

    Charles said; It seems that the Shmitah is not a single key indicator. However I don’t think Johnathan Cahn is saying that it is. Personally I don’t think God would put Himself in a situation where He is not able to act on any issue unless it was a shmitah, if you know what I mean.

    Shimshon says: I agree that the shmita was made for God, God is not bound to the shmita.

    I have found no hard facts from the data yet. The issues I have are dates. Since we don’t have reliable dates for events in antiquity for the yovel we have to use the shmita calendar which I believe is identifiable and then try and find the yovel in it.

    But, since we don’t have any reliable yovel date, as the Ezekiel dates are in question because some believe he was attempting to insert a yovel to indicate or bring about the return of Yisrael from Babylonian captivity, and the account of Josephus is lacking or not to be trusted, one has to use the shmita calendar and then attempt to see which prophetic events line up with a 50yr cycle.

    I put up the excel sheet because I figured I’d share the shmita 49 and 50 yr calendars I formulated. Just download it and start playing with it yourself. Let me know what you come up with.

    I created the calendars and then started associating known events within them. Here is where I am stuck at the moment, reliable dates. I’m not a historian, though my time seeking God has seemingly brought me close to being one. LOL I used to hate social studies and history, now I love it, as it relates to Yisrael and our God.

    The only thing I’ve seen so far is that world events seem to line up using the 49yr cycle and not the 50. Which is sad because the 50yr cycle is what is commanded in scripture. But it seems that this barely if at all occurred, and is definitely not recorded with any certainty. To make matters worse it seems that what as been recorded is a tendency to use a 49yr cycle.

    So the Godly one was tossed and ignored, the rabbinical one has more evidence of being observed, and world events seem to line up with the latter more than the former.

    I am hoping that with some more concrete dates we could iron out the 50yr cycle, or further confirm the 49.

    Kapish? 🙂


    • cfryalls
      September 22, 2014

      Sorry David, I totally missed your post above in all the personal Chaos over the last few weeks. I wasn’t ignoring you. I see now what you are trying to do. And you are right as in all things, it was the Rabbinical that was maintained and so what other dates might have been totally lost. I have looked into this “Date syncing” before and it is a mess. Not only is the historical information iffy, it also come out of so many different sources all sort of using their own time reconning. What I did in my efforts was to look at what I call patters of probabilities. For example this one is interesting I hink. If you use the bible chronology and calculate the number of years from the creation of Adam to the birth of Abraham, it is 1948 years. OK, Yeshua is referred to as the last Adam, because by the first Adam, one single came sin and death and by the one man Yeshua can salvation and eternal life. OK,,,moving on,,, From the birth of the last Adam, Yeshua, if we count 1948 years you have the rebirth of Israel, who Abraham was the father of the Nations. Same number of years. And it is accurate really because Yeshua was born in 1 BCE, counting the 1948 years brings you to 1947. Not a problem because Israel was was actually declared a nation on Nov 11th? 1947 by the United Nations, and then declared may 14, 1948? But the Jewish year changes on Rosh ha Shannah, in Sept-Oct. and so it works out correctly to the pattern type and the counting of years. Having discovered this I looked for the next logical step, In Israel, all males 19 years and older were called to active military service, and when Israel entered the promised land, the ones who came into the land and were 19 were the army. Back to the patten, Israel became a nation again in 1948, so we give the new nation time for its first group of 19 year olds born in the new nation and you come to 1948 + 19 = 1967, Actually June 19th I believe, the six day war. Another pattern? So I will toss out one more. When the spies brought back the evil report Israel was sent wandering for 40 years, well not really, if you read the text carefully it is really 14,000 days, or 38 years, 4 1/2 months. So somewhere in there is an event that is like the spies bad report, something that held Israel back from take the land God was giving them. Well in 1967 they failed to take Jerusalem when they had it in their hands by Moshe Diane was afraid of the Arab response, to they gave it to the Arabs. And the IDF had already placed charges all around the dome of the rock. They were one button push away. So if that was the event then 14000 days bring you to somewhere n 2005. But what happened? If it was the spies event in the land give away in 1973, then the 14000 days brings you up to 2011. 3 1/2 year ago by the way. If the first 3.5 years of the tribulation is a time of difficult peace before the big war that bring out the beast then we are sitting in the theater, the lights have gone down, there is a hush in the audience, and the curtains are about to be pulled back. HHhhmmmm. And in three days the new Shmitah year begins, Sept 25th… I don’t know. I have been here before, trying to figure these things out and nothing happened. But now with Isis, and the news today that three US cities are hot beds for imminent Isis outbreak and a call to arms by both sides. It just seems like we can’t be too far off. and to answer your question now forming in your mind, Yes, this guy is crazy!


  3. Shimshon
    September 23, 2014

    Charles said: Not only is the historical information iffy, it also come out of so many different sources all sort of using their own time reconning. What I did in my efforts was to look at what I call patters of probabilities.

    That’s exactly what I found and exactly the way I reacted to it.

    I’ve recognized this 1948 measure before, thanks for laying it out here. Isn’t it crazy how these dates line up? God has layed out his calendar, if only we would follow it, huh? Needless to say, we are to rest in Messiah till he acts. We are to rest on shabbat till the sun goes down.

    We start shabbat when the sun goes down (death) and then the day comes (resurrection), and the sun bakes hard all day till the sun goes down (tribulation/jacobs trouble, for not resting on shabbat, they are scorched by the sun=death). Then a new day.

    We started resting in Messiah’s works as the son went down to his grave. Then in the morning the son goes up to heaven, and all men are judged by him, wheather or not they believe. As the son finishes the times of the gentiles (his current work) and the shabbat comes to a close, we have the beginning of a new week. All things made new.

    The patttern is throughout Judaism, even though we stumbled and have misrepresented the pattern, it is still there. It is still true. And it is recognizable to those who Messiah reveals it to. Even Jews, like Daniel, and Ezekiel. And some unsaved Jews will recognize as if they suddenly realize the shoes they have been wearing for all these years.

    facepalm!! there they are!!! LOL I’ve been walking in them all along!


    • cfryalls
      September 23, 2014

      I really like the connections yu made, sun up , sun down, death and resurrection.

      I have been looking a bit closer into the times I mentioned above, and the connection to the great tribulation. If the bad report pattern was the Jews failure to take Jerusalem and the temple mount in the Yom Kippur war of 1973, then the 14000 days of the wilderness wandering among gentiles brings us to Feb 3, 2012. Pretty close to the big Dec, 21, 2012 centering of the galactic plane and all that. Was there a significant covenant made with Israel at that time. I can’t remember or find it yet. But if there was, if could be the 7 year covenant of death. The fist half of that is sort of non discript, so a time of what Yeshua called “The beginning of Sorrows” or which others call the beginning of birth pains. These days are marked by an increase in earthquakes, most of all, in magnitude, and frequency, wars, famine, perstience, changes in weather with the tossing of the sea, possible increase in volcanic activity etc. all of which we have certainly been seeing in spades. So if we take that first half of the seven to be 3.5 years, 1260 days then we are definately in the slot for this. Calculated ate would be July 17, 2015, (AV 2, 5775). We can not really know for sure until the Antichrist is reveled and claims Jerusalem and probably the temple mount for his throne. Who has control of the temple mount? Muslims, Isis by later today? from the appearing of the Antichrist, it is 1290 days to the return of the true Messiah.

      For me, I think my own expectations are in the way, because by the typology I look for the abomination and the beginning of the great tribulation to take place at the time of passover, as in the exodus from Egypt, and the return of Messiah on the day of trumpets, because the day of Trumpets is the “Last Trumpet” and is known also as the trumpet of the resurrection when all the dead will be resurrected, and the prophetic words of Yeshua connects these together in that way. So for me, those take a higher priority than the day counts and calculations. But still thy are pretty close. Either way we need to be watching.


  4. cfryalls
    November 2, 2014

    David, I am adding some more thoughts to this Shemitah thread although it may go un-noticed. Some more facts in looking at the shmetahs, is that they connect with Jubilees years. The year after the seventh Shemitah is the Jubilee and also the first year of the next 7 year count. And as we know the time of the Jubilee is somewhat difficult to pin down, but there is a pretty good indicator if we look back a historical events, because the Jubilee is about returning that which was taken to its owner, restoring lands to people and people to their lands. In modern Israel this happened in two prophetic events, in the year following the Shemitah of 1917, Jews were allowed to return to the lands of Israel after almost 2000 years, and then 50 years later, another Jubilee year and the Jews get Jerusalem back from the Turks. If those were in fact Jubilee years as I suspect, then the next Jubilee comes in the year following the 7th Shemitah of 2014-2015 which we are in. The Jubilee is declared on Yom Kippur of the year following the 7th seven. Fantastic no?

    Now lest move forward two Shemitahs (14 years) from this year. Guess what happens? Apophis, the Asteroid as big as the Rose Bowl, will pass the Earth inside the orbit of our communication Satallites, on April 13, 2029, and then returns one more Shemitah later on April 13th 2036, and is expected to hit the earth in the Pacific about 500 KM west of Santa Monica. This is likely to be a toal death stroke to the unrepented U.S. If it hits land, it may be an extinction event for mush of the Americas. And what did John see in the visions? “I saw as it were a mountain on fire that was cast into the sea, and …..” You know the rest.


  5. cfryalls
    December 11, 2014

    It looks like, to me, that more things are working together indicating that this climax year of the Shmitah is likely to be the big one, the rise of Antichrist and the beginning of the tribulation. For those who believe in a Pretribulation rapture, I suppose that is good news, but for those who believe that Yeshua is coming for the faithful “After the tribulation” then it means things are going to get really tough. Are we ready? Am I ready?

    Here is what I see. There is a one world system that is coming into effect, and from the readings of Revelation we see that it includes a one world monetary system. No one can buy or sell without subscribing to this system. The thing that is really keeping that from happening is the U.S Dollar. The Dollar is still valued too high compared to other currencies. In order to get a single monetary system installed the U.S Dollar will have to fall. And when it does so will the Euro, and most likely others that are tied to them. One of those might be the largest expanding economy in the world, China. If the Dollar dumps the Chinese loose almost everything. Could it be that this critical part of a Babylonian type system will be established after the zeroing out of economies this Shmitah?

    Another thing that is happening is: most of the world has come to the conclusion that the great barrier to world peace is the conflicts between Israel and her Arab neighbors. It almost seems as if someone called an open season on the Jewish people. Anit-Semitism is everywhere. A majority of the worlds free nations have now voted and agreed that the answer to peace is in recognizing a Palestinian State. The answer to World Peace is to divide the lands of Israel. In Joel 3 and 4, we see that dividing the lands of Israel is one of the primary reasons God comes against the nations of the earth. And other places like Zechariah 12 describe what will happen to those nations who comes to take spoil from Jerusalem.

    All these things and more seem to be headed to fulfillment before the end of 2015. These many things can not be just coincidence. coupled to this is the tetrad of 4 blood moons plus a Solar Eclypse in Jerusalem all on Gods holy appointed times. Weren’t the sun and moon given as signs and for seasons? And they are saying, now is the time. The Lord is coming to defend His chosen and to take His Kingship over the Earth. Halleluljah!


  6. cfryalls
    December 12, 2014

    Yesterday I was watching Sid Roths show. Sid is a Messianic Jew. He was recounting and showing video clips from a recent trip to Israel where he was given a chance to speak to and present Yeshua to a large group (550) of non-believing Jews. The result was fantastic as over 500 accepted Yeshua as their Messiah! I am hearing similar stories from other ministers who are saying that Jews and Muslims are coming to faith in Yeshua is large numbers. This is very encouraging and an answer to years of prayers by most of us. And I think it is also prophetic of where we are on the prophetic timeline. Israel will come to faith in Yeshua, most of them perhaps not until he comes in the clouds to save them, but many before that time. All religion is failing. It can not ever bring forth fruit for God, not Rabbinical Judaism, nor Christianity, or the Muslims religion or any other. Only the working of God through His spirit breathing new life into a man can there be fruit for God. We must be grafted in, not to Rabbinical Judaism, and not into replacement theologies of Christianity, but into the root of God in Messiah! You must be born again, or you will never see, perceive, the Kingdom of God! Amen?


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