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Never again!



I am sharing this link in hope that you will share it with others.  It is critically important to those of in the U.S. and in every nation.  That thing that we said would never happen again….It’s happening again!    I say……Never Again!


4 comments on “Never again!

  1. Shimshon
    September 11, 2014

    Thank you for posting this Charles. So, what would you do? How will we respond, speak and act? Desires are great, definitions are great, our rights are good to be reminded of. But what can we do?

    We won’t sit idealy by……. GREAT…what are we to do? Speak? Some say I speak too much! lol What do we do when the boot is at our neck? speak? Tell them they are wrong?

    What do we do? Take up arms? Pray?

    I agree with the moto never again. But my spirit is showing me that I must suffer as Messiah suffered. That what they did to him they will do to me. He never told me that it would be any other way. So what am I to do in the face of anti-semitism? Especially when we know God is going to judge the world for it.

    This is ‘my’ frustration Charles. And it’s not directed at you. Thank you for caring and posting this my friend. I knew it was here, and I care. I just don’t know what to do. I feel like Peter after Messiah said he was going to die and suffer and leave. Only now Messiah is saying I must so this in like kind.

    I do not accept glory from men. If you live by the sword you will die by the sword. They are destined for this moment. Are we too? Released from the law through the body of Messiah. Through his death we have life. If we take our life we lose it, if we lose it we gain it.

    I want to fight Charles. Not die a martyr. But I don’t want to foresake or make my Messiah look foolish. If I ‘do’ something in the face of a devouring beast what can be done short of fight? What did Yehsua do? Is it our destiny and calling to let this world crush our bodies too?

    I pray I can get to the place where I’m saying to God “just make this quick, please?!”

    I guess I need to pray for him to give me more compasion and love, and p (not saying it angela) 🙂


  2. cfryalls
    September 11, 2014

    I wonder if the Holocaust would have gone unchecked in the 30’s if there had been a tool like the internet, and cell phones with video, instant communications as we have today. The very video posted here is a tremendous tool to awaken people to what is happening. We don’t have to be silent lower our voices and our eyes and climb on board the trains to the death camps. What is that saying?

    Something like, evil can only run rampid in the world when men are unwilling to take action to stop it. I think we need to stand up and shout! We need to expose stupidity and hatred wherever we find it in our towns. In just about every case, gangs, drug traffic, criminal behavior, disrespect for civil rights of others, all the crud we see, goes on because people are unwilling to stand up against this stuff.

    Will we follow in His path and suffer as He did? Perhaps, but not until we have given a good fight. Peter was told to put away his sword, because Messiah had to be arrested and die, but Yeshua also told Peter and all of them that there would be a time when they would need those swords.

    Islam is taking up the Jihad in force and by their religion they feel it is their responsibility to kill Christians and Jews and convert the world to Islam. Does that mean that it is our responsibility to become passive martyrs and to passively expose our necks to their swords? I don’t think that is how we are to be passive.

    We are to submit to Yeshua, not to evil. We are to resist evil. I think that we are all going to be placed where we are needed, so that we can speak His words, to be His witnesses. Maybe that means that we have to go places that will endanger us like sharing the Gospel with those same Islamists who want us dead, and accepting that we will willingly give it all to save those He sends us to.

    I guess the finer than frog hair part of this is for us to stay focused on Yeshua, and not to return hatred for hatred, but instead to offer and give love to those who hate us, so that a little bit of the light of Yeshua can shine on them through us. Because this we know, they are trapped in darkness, raised from birth in a system of ignorance, hatred, under Satanic powers. Only we who are born of the spirit can do battle with those dark forces. Our commander, Yeshua, will use us however He sees fit. Do I have the faith to accept that and to be obedient to it? Now that is the question.


  3. Shimshon
    September 12, 2014

    Thank you brother, for coming back around to love and compassion.

    You said: I think we need to stand up and shout! We need to expose stupidity and hatred wherever we find it in our towns. In just about every case, gangs, drug traffic, criminal behavior, disrespect for civil rights of others, all the crud we see, goes on because people are unwilling to stand up against this stuff.

    And I am reminded of Christians, and One Law Messianics, and atheists who think they need to call-out and expose what they perceive as stupid/heresies, and justify their almost wanton hatred for their opposition in the vein of being a watchman and standing up against what they see as ungodly.

    I too acted this way about ten years ago, insinuating that Christians would go to hell because they rejected the Torah wholesale. So I have a tendency to run from this type of attitude now.

    Plus, In all my years of interacting online with those who oppose ‘this or that’ I find a polarized reality. And I’ve become jaded and cynical (no! not me!) to the thought that any one person could actually have or make a difference. Unless it be God’s will. Many think they are doing God’s will and take up an ideal and shout from the rooftops. It’s a self glorifying reaction to me I think. In reality I believe it’s more for the person shouting than those hearing, if you know what I mean.

    But my spirit inside knows that my cynical feelings are a response and reaction to having shouted my heart for years and for seemingly nothing. And yes, Yeshua is speaking to me even now telling me that because I don’t ‘seem’ to see an effect does not mean it has not occurred.

    So, my kneejerk reaction here was ‘shout? speak? NO BODY LISTENS!’ No body cares. WOE!!!s me… So thanks for speaking what I was supposed to hear, though you probably didn’t ‘seem’ to know you were doing it, huh?

    I’ll be the first to admit that I am a mortal man being crushed by the weight of this sinful world. The pressure it exudes upon my soul causes me to react in self-preserving ways that only reflect upon myself and the pain it causes. Yet, if we take our eyes off our own pain we will see a whole world of suffering people in the same situation, some much worse. It is probably they we should focus on rather than those who are suffering in kind or ourselves. Then we will forget for the moment our circumstances and do what we can for those who are far worse than we.

    Expose the evil, love the suffering. Expose, not battle. Not come against in our own flesh or might, but expose in love and compassion.

    Blessings Charles! Thank you


  4. cfryalls
    September 12, 2014

    I hope my post makes sense. I was extremely fatigued last night when I wrote it and realize that maybe I misunderstood your point. So I hope brother that I did not offend you in any way. If I did, tell me. This is such a difficult subject. People have asked me before, “So, what can we do?” And sometimes the only thing we can do is to be informed and share what we know with others, shine some light on that darkness. I see things going bad in a hurry. Isis is able to draw a lot of people to themselves because they are a spear point for Islamic hate and Anti-Semitism. They are sort of the Heroes of the Islamic Jihad. And while this is happening, stupid westerners are still buying into the twisted broadcasts that claim that Muslims and Islamists are all just a different part of the same monotheism as Judeo-Christianity and that we all worship the same God and that Muslims recognize Jesus as the son of God Etc Etc. It is all disinformation that allows the pure Antichrist religion of Islam continue to grow and make advances against God’s Children.


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