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Ron Cantor tells Bethlehem Bible College – Israel might have saved your lives

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One comment on “Ron Cantor tells Bethlehem Bible College – Israel might have saved your lives

  1. cfryalls
    August 21, 2014

    TO me it seems difficult to put all this craziness into one box. There are so many different factions with different leaders and goals. It seems to me that if you attempt to render it down you find yourself at the Muslim / Islamic belief system which is most correctly identified as an “Antichrist” religion as defined by John the Apostle, and its goals are clearly and universally stated among all these groups, to totally eliminate Israel from the Earth, (See Psalm 83) To persue all christians and non-Musilims to force them to convert to the Muslim religion or to die. It always comes down to those very harsh features. For anyone to think there is any possibility of a man made peace between the Muslims / Islamists and Judeo-Christisnity, will it is impossible. Our faith and relationship with God is exactly opposite of theirs. In fact their rejection of Yeshua as Messiah coupled with their anticipated arrival of the 12th imman, their savior, who will come before the return of Christ, paints a clear picture of the description of the Antichrist shown in the New Testament.

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