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What does “until all is accomplished” mean? ~side two


I re-read a blog that got many hits throughout the years and found myself wanting to answer the question again, in hopes that I could clarify more precisely what I’m seeing.


What does it mean “all is accomplished”? It meansall authority has been given to Yeshua, in heaven on earth and over all flesh“.

This means we need to understand who had that authority prior, for it to have been given him it would have to reside somewhere else before. I’m seeing this being described by the writer of Hebrews as the priesthood, those who held the authority in regards to Torah. All Torah functioned through the priesthood. And we are told there is a new high priest, with a new ministry.

This is what was accomplished. The authority was transferred to Yeshua, the Messiah. As promised. His ministry is greater than that of Moshe. He has been authorized to give eternal life to all who believe in him. Bearing gifts to Yisrael and the nations. But he does not erase the calling for Yisrael, nor the nations.

I think the problem many Messianic Jews have today is they seek what the apostles sought. The national restoration of Yisrael, in their day. I understand the identity markers, the tradition, the heritage. The reason Jews cling to Torah. Am Yisra’el Chai!

But, yes always a but, Did Yeshua authorize the restoration of national Yisrael? Or did he establish the first fruits of his ministry? And send them out to be priests for him? To minister with the newness of his Word, and his very Spirit that he provided to never leave them. The message from them given by Messiah was “Yisrael is restored, come one come all, inherit the promised land and all it’s covenant responsibilities”?

This is what Yeshua authorized, and ministered as new high priest who sits in heaven waiting to return and minister to God’s Children? This is what he accomplished as cohen hagadol?

I just keep seeing how that thinking mixes the ministries that we are told are different. It makes Jeremiah 31 ‘not like’ mean ‘like’. And my spirit does not agree, and I can’t see past this reasoning.

It’s not what I learned at the foot of my Messiah. It’s the same law, but it’s not administered the same way. We know that Yeshua is the minister of another covenant, not ministered like the other but takes the Torah and writes it upon our hearts. So, how does that happen? I see Yeshua becoming the high priest and giving the Spirit of God to minister through us. Cleaning our hearts and making us holy to God.

This is offered to all people as I see it, but it culminates in the restoration of Yisrael as a nation of nations. It ends with a national restoration of Yisrael, at Messiah’s return. At the end of the age. With Messiah Yeshua ruling as King of Kings. Yisrael glorifies Messiah as Messiah glorifies Yisrael by putting her on like a robe. Which he made clean himself. And wears as a Kingly Robe.



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One comment on “What does “until all is accomplished” mean? ~side two

  1. cfryalls
    August 8, 2014

    I feel it David, it is slowly sinking into my old dried out brain box. It is like a process of first purging out the old understanding to make room for the new. I agree, the covenant changed, and the nature of the Law and how it is ministered. The priesthood changed and so did the acceptable sacrifice. As you have pointed out in the New Covenant, as it says “Is NOT Like” the old one that was made by Moshe. Yes there are common points in the two, and in the law, but they are not the same at all. If they were the same then what was the purpose of the New? What would be the point of replacing the old with a new exact copy of itself? Yeshua said His blood was the blood of the new covenant, not the old. Everything is accomplished because that all takes place through the work of Yeshua sealing the New Covenant.. The New brings life into the man by the spirit, when the old brought only the awareness of sin and death but offered no way to change the old nature.

    Very god post as always.


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