The Messianic Way


The Messianic Way

TMW-ChaiWe have changed our cover and our focus.  No longer are we a community of walls and fences.  Most online blogs and discussion forums administer themselves from within their own theological bias.  I have been very guilty of this in the past as well.  I believe this has given me a bitter taste in my mouth to be honest.  But like most medicines they are not pleasant to taste, nor is discipline readily enjoyed by the one being corrected.  But in the end the outcome is health, and a well-rounded understanding of what lead us here to begin with.

I recall something Ted Pearce once told me when I was forming an online forum a decade ago.  He said “why all the walls?” And as usual I looked at him like he was daft.  But as always his words have come to haunt me.  I believe I have come to the place where I understand the battle that has raged within the Messianic world for the last decade.  We are an ever evolving community and much growth is painful.  But with that comes progress.  Before I was interested in guarding people’s ‘biases’.  I mean how can I guard my own if I did not guard others.  But I still guarded them with my own bias.  And finally Messiah has been able to show me that.

So now I’ve come to the desire to ‘not’ guard any biases within Messianic faiths.  A sort of ecumenical endeavor if you will, within the Messianic world.  We have examples of Christian online forums where all shades of Christians can participate, but nothing like this has ever existed for Messianism.  And I believe it’s time to do something about that.

I am seeking others who have this placed upon their heart to help me.  I’m seeking participation between all shades of Messianic who desire to see such a ‘Messianic Central’ online community form.  I’ve placed my biases aside in regards to theological strains of Messianism.  I’m more interested in loving our differences than identifying them as error.  And this is not to say that lively spirited debates will not be had.  The only criteria is faith in Messiah Yeshua and belief in the restoration of Yisrael, and treating your neighbor as yourself.

To me it’s a trial at losing the reigns all the way till you let the horse walk itself and be the horse it wants to be.  As long as it’s a horse (Messianic) it’s not to be reigned in by anyone.  Unless it’s attempting to bite someone or be the bull in the china shop.  i.e. troll

The same understanding should be given to determine ‘what is Messianic’.  Try to lose the definition as much as possible to engage as many as you can.  It’s not that your loosing your own theology, it’s that your being patient with others in regards to it.   Isn’t that the ticket?

So join me if you can, confront me if you will.  My arms are open and my heart is still.  This community is yours, if you only will…….


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Humility is the beginning of ones relationship with God, or the reminder of it's existence...... LOVE ~ Life's Only Valuable Emotion

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