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The Final Solution

Holocaust markers


The final Solution.

Holocaust…  L.A. Marzulli says that the German word Holokaustein actually means “A Burnt Offering, as one made on an Altar.” And he makes an excellent point when he says that he believes that the 6.6 million Jews that were killed in the death camps and their bodies burned in the crematoriums were actually a “burnt offering to their would be god, Satan, a sacrifice intended to bring about the rule of the Anti-Christ”  The Nazis were able to create a doorway, “a portal by which the fallen ones could return.”  (Excerps from L.A Marzulli,  The Revealing.)

I think L.A. is spot on.  You see I have looked for a long time trying to figure out how the portal was opened because it marks the beginning of the end times.  What is the sign of the end times beginning? According to Yeshua, it is that  in the end times, “ it will be as it was in the days of Noah.”  And how was it then?  What brought about the judgment of the flood in Noah’s day?  It was the violation of  crossing genetic lines, cross breeding different species, in particular, the Fallen Angels, cross breeding with Human Women. (See Gen 6).  What the Fallen, “Sons of God” gave for this access to human women was advanced knowledge and technology, especially in the art of war, methods of killing including how to kill the Fetus while still in the womb, that is to say, Abortions. (See Enoch). I think these million of Abortions serve as daily oblations to Satan, daily blood offerings, without people knowing it.

So move up to modern times, and we discover a Satanic organization of the worst kind comes  to power in a program to enslave the entire earth and put them under Satan’s control, The Nazi.  The Nazi were steering their actions through deep occult practices and had a program to rediscover the knowledge of the ancients  civilizations of the world.  These ancients worshipped the fallen angels as gods.  In this program Satan found his tool to destroy the Jewish people the earthly  children of God.  6.6 million Jews were rounded up like animals, treated like vermin, and sacrificed on the altars of the death camps, their bodies young, old and small children burned on Satan’s Altar by the Satanic Nazi.

The result of this was the tear in the spirit would partition that keeps those fallen angels  out of direct contact with humans.   These dark forces made a deal with the Nazi to provide them with advanced technology and weapons of destruction in exchange for open and free access to Human females.  The program  once again to form the perfect Human-Alien-Hybrid to be presented to the world as the Anti-Christ, The perfect man for a new millennial kingdom of Satan.

As soon as this began to take place, we have huge strides in advanced technology especially in weapons of destruction and the tools  of war.   If you want to be amazed, do a study in the Germans  “Fantasy World” inventions of that time.  They developed flying discs,  presented to them in part by these Aliens-Fallen Angles. Also the Atomic bomb and nerve agents chemical weapons and many more kinds of evil technology was being produced.

As soon as it became clear that Germany was  going to lose the war, Russia and the U.S. began making deals with German scientists . Many of these Nazi occultist were brought to the U.S. under a program called “Operation Paperclip” and given protection from prosecution as war criminals. They were also given tons of money and positions of leadership in the scientific industries, like our space  programs. There were more than just Von Braun who were former Nazis and placed into key positions.  The U. S. made their own “Deal with the Devil”.  In this way the United States became the new surviving arm of the Fallen angles, who strive to bring forth the Anti-Christ.    Isn’t it strange that there is an entire separate entity or R & D operation  that receives multiple trillions of Dollars of tax money and yet they are not open to the public,  have no accountability  to any branch of government, and answer to no one.  They are an entity that makes their own laws, and move in all directions without our consent  or control or consequence..

And while all this advancement of technology continues the other thing that is taking place is a huge increase in the reported and documented events of Alien abductions, almost all of them with the emphasis upon Human reproduction and re-writing our Genome.  Is this all conspiracy theory  sensationalism?  I don’t think so! Too many proven facts, witnesses and victims. Too many  credible witnesses to simply ignore it.  And now nations  of the world are beginning to open up the books and make disclosure of their own involvement with these so called Aliens as well.

So if Marzulli is right, and I think that he may be, then the missing event that started the last events, as in the days of Noah, was the Satanic burnt offering of 6.6 million children of God at the start of World War Two. Keep your eyes on the Lord; But keep your eyes on the skies too. Test all things by the Spirit of God. Because our enemy is a deceiving spirit who  can disguise himself as anything you are willing to believe in order to fool you and steal you from God.  He can appear as an angel of light, or  your dead aunt Ethel, or a tiny gray alien being standing at the foot of your bed.  They are deceiving spirits, And today they pretend to be the very thing that they have prepared the masses to embrace,  Aliens from space, our space brothers coming to be our salvation.   This entire “Space Brothers” revelation is a lie, a deception perpetrated by  the very enemy of our souls, Satan.

If you see one of these supposed Alien entities do not fear, and do not believe them or embrace them. I know of some who have accepted their ruse and actually felt sorry for them, pitied them, believed them to be stranded space travelers and tried to help them. This resulted in full out demonic possession with physical harm, sickness, and spiritual destruction. If you are confronted by one of these supposed Aliens from space,  Bind them in the name of Yeshua / Jesus  and send them away. Do not engage them or allow them to speak.  Remember Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world.  God has given us HIS spirit, not for our entertainment at the prayer meetings, but to do battle with the enemy.  So put on the whole armor of God. Command these dark Angles to get off of God’s world and to return to the pit where God has sent them to await judgment!  You have been given power to command these spirits !!

The curtain between our world and the spirit world where the Fallen ones reside has been ripped open and very soon Satan  incarnate will appear on the  world scene.  He will be charismatic, beautiful, super intelligent and display all sorts of miraculous powers.  Remember that Paul and Yeshua warned that this impostor would come FIRST, before the return of the true Messiah.  And yet the majority of Christians today have failed to embrace this word of warning given to us by God, and have instead believed that the very next thing to happen on the prophetic time-line is the coming of Jesus.  Jesus Himself warned us not to believe such a thing. The watchman on the wall says, Prepare for Battle.  The Enemy approaches!


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  1. Sheryl
    July 17, 2014



  2. Shimshon
    August 7, 2014

    I think im speechless. I can see it. The offering.


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