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I’m Goin’ Home!

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I’m going home. It has taken a while to make this decision probably more than a year. But I think it’s time. Where’s Home, you ask?  Well, it’s back to that place that I first came alive, that place where I met Yeshua  (We called Him Jesus back then), it was that place where it didn’t matter what I knew or had figured out,  only that I had met HIM.  There was a time that I stayed there close to home and just had good times with Him, at least from my perspective they were good times, it may not have been so much fun for Him.  Eventually I went off to see what I could find out.  A dug through the scriptures of various translations, looked for keys and traces of truth. I dug  down deep under  the accumulations of  dirt and filth  made of millennia of Church doctrine, division, hatred  and misunderstanding. I searched  through Millions of dollars -worth of books that were for sale in Christian book stores and on the pages of Amazon. But in the end, I found that I was more interested or concerned with Knowing facts, rather than knowing HIM, Yeshua. Don’t misunderstand now, there is nothing wrong with knowing the truth. It is the right thing to do and in this age of church fragmentation with  the proliferation of false doctrines and things promoted by demons, it is essential that we seek the truth of God. Test Everything!  We just can allow that quest to take all of our time and leave nothing for being with God.  We need to know the truth and also EXPERIENCE God Himself. This is so simple. It doesn’t seem worth sharing on a blog like this.   Then again I am not sharing information about when I got up and what I had for breakfast.  It IS more important that the standard tweet.

You know I think about those Apostles, the most effective witnesses for Yeshua, Jesus there ever was. Most of us can tell you their names and not tell you anything about the millions of others who came after them. Why? It wasn’t because they were all outstanding theologians and scholars.  No, it was just the opposite. They were simple honest men, who had walked with God, shared their lives with Him as His friends.  And that is what makes their witness  so powerful. That is why they could heal the sick and raise the dead! It wasn’t what they knew, it was WHO they knew!

I am exhausted, from age, from health issues, from stress and most of all I’m depleted  of the force of life and vitality that comes from spending time in communion with God.   I’ve given it a lot of thought and just can’t bring myself to walk into another Church house  and hear false doctrines and traditions of men being promoted over the truth. Can’t stomach speaking the truth in Love and being shown the church door for doing so.   So I will look for the quiet moments with the  Lord in prayer, and praise, and in simple scripture enjoyment without deep study.  It’s time to pull the Tallit over my head and close out everything else. I’m Goin’ Home,  At lease in spirit for now. Maybe the rest of me will follow soon.  I hope so!   Oh, I will pop my head up once in a while and see what’s happening. Once a watchman always a watchman after all.  I’ve been on the wall watching until my eyes are failing, and I have  shouted out  the warnings until my voice has become  so rough and coarse that no one wants to hear it anymore.  My last warning for now?   CAREFUL YOU DON’T GET LOST!  Don’t forget where home is.  Go see your father once in a while. Sit at His feet  now and then and lean up against his powerful legs. Listen to HIS sweet voice and let it fill your soul.  That’s what REALLY matters. Without that we are just  the walking dead, animated -talking dirt!….. Refill  YOUR spirit from HIS.

Shalom and more Shalom!


5 comments on “I’m Goin’ Home!

  1. Matzah Mama
    July 17, 2014

    And, here I was hoping your were moving back to the NW. HA.

    Anyway, I know exactly how you feel, but as long as your living on Earth…you have to stick it out with us. 😛

    I’m tired too. But then HE reminds me..It’s not about’s about HIM. IT’s not about going to church. It’s not about how we observe HIS laws. It’s not even about how much HE can use us. He can use anyone.
    It is about a closer relationship with HIM and helping others along the way by exposing the lies and showing love where there is only hate.

    I understand that a break is needed from time to time, but until Yeshua comes back, living in the land as KING…we can’t go home …yet.

    So NO…You can’t go home. 🙂


  2. Shimshon
    July 17, 2014

    Charles said: Why? It wasn’t because they were all outstanding theologians and scholars. No, it was just the opposite. They were simple honest men, who had walked with God, shared their lives with Him as His friends. And that is what makes their witness so powerful.

    And this is how I see us too, Charles. Simple honest men who walk with God and share our lives with Him and others. That’s really all I see myself doing here in this blog. Sharing my heart that Messiah has formed within me. With you and the blogosphere.

    It’s no more glorious than this. In fact, I know that when I post deep insights and truths that Messiah has shown me it is not really for others, persay, though they can and do benifit from it. It’s more for myself believe it or not. I’ve come to realize that all the deep diggings I have reavealed were motivated by my desire to be as close to Messiah as possible. And when I expound on truths and visions I am really learning how to deal with these things myself, personally. And IF others can take benifit from that, all the better.

    Enjoy your rest Charles. You’re reminding me of a rumplestiltskin who chose to just simply sit down and go to sleep at the foot of the Tree. 🙂 Careful it does not drop any fruit on you, my brother! 😀

    If ever you need a friend, or an ear, you have us. Love you my friend.


  3. cfryalls
    July 17, 2014

    Thank you both for your kindness. Maybe you got the wrong impression though in what I was saying. I’m not going away and turning off my modem. 🙂 It’s just that I am not making study, or writing a priority over spending time with the Lord. I want to spend time with Him first and then if something comes up worth sharing, I’ll do that gladly. I want whatever I share to once again be the outgrowth of time with Him and the leading of the Holy Spirit rather than wrestling the scriptures and scouring the references which seems at times to be a work of the flesh anyway, although motivated for a great cause.

    Earlier in my walk of faith, the Miraculous was natural and daily. People would say, how did you know how to do that? And I would say, I didn’t. It wasn’t me. I just did the part which the Lord gave me to do. It’s all Him, His work.I was just a simpleton with no great theological position to get in the way and not out to prove anything to anyone. I know you guys understand. You just live and stay close to the Lord and all this incredible stuff starts happening all around you. I want it back!

    You know my passion in recent years to expose the growing deception and the increase in evil all tied up in this dark fellowship of entertainment, Nefilim and Aliens from space. It become darker and more intense every day. And every day it goes without some voice standing up there on the wall calling out a warning more are getting swept away. I need to do more, do something beside screaming up on the wall. And that something is going to have to come from Messiah. Remember how he said, Take no care about what you should say. It is supplied at the right time.


  4. Shimshon
    March 18, 2015

    Into Messiah’s hands, may he have led you home Charles….. He’s got you(re) back!


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