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Walking in the Dust of the Footsteps of Moshiach

Meet another who has been placed at the tip of the spear in the emerging battle by Hebrew Roots-One Law Gentiles against Messianc Judaism.



The Gospel does not equate to Torah observance

Another Gospel?

What does it mean to observe the Torah of God?

Morning Meditations

This is the actual time of the “footsteps of Mashiach.” (the final age prior to Mashiach’s advent) It is therefore imperative for every Jew to seek his fellow’s welfare – whether old or young – to inspire the other to teshuva (return), so that he will not fall out – G-d forbid – of the community of Israel who will shortly be privileged, with G-d’s help, to experience complete redemption.

“Today’s Day”
Monday – Sivan 18 – 5703
Compiled by the Lubavitcher Rebbe; Translated by Yitschak Meir Kagan

Previously, I wrote about how privileged Gentiles associated with the Messianic Jewish movement (and in theory, all Gentile Christians) are to be able to support and encourage increased Torah observance among the Jewish people united in Messiah, in order to bring nearer the coming (return) of the King. Although the small commentary above states that it is important for every Jew…

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8 comments on “Walking in the Dust of the Footsteps of Moshiach

  1. cfryalls
    June 17, 2014

    From your linked article: “The Gospel does not equate to Torah observance”
    The ministry of the Torah given Moses has paled in comparison to the ministry of the Spirit given Yeshua. The ministry of the Torah given Moses had no power to impart forgiveness through the blood of animals, but all foreshadowed the One atonement once and for all time, of Yeshua’s blood. God overlooked all sins then as he does now, and places judgement on those who do not ‘believe’ in the atonement of the Son of God. This faith comes only by grace and is proved by works of love/Spirit.

    This is a really powerful article David.


  2. cfryalls
    June 17, 2014

    “Walking in the Dust of the Footsteps of Moshiach” I just read the article and it is really good.


  3. Shimshon
    June 17, 2014

    Yes, I agree.

    Another blogger made a comment on that post that I found profound.

    It was asked:
    “Does Torah-keeping by Gentiles not spur the Jew to jealousy, thus accomplishing the very goal you desire?”

    And the response was:
    Actually, it’s the opposite…, and it grieves me terribly as an intermarried. Ask yourself, do you get “jealous” when a woman is dressed as a man? I certainly don’t become jealous when I see a man in drag.

    In my experience, there’s nothing even approaching “jealousy” when a Jew who sees a gentile appropriate Jewish identity markers, but it seems to be common assumption for Gentiles who don’t actually know any Jewish people and therefore don’t realize the negative effect their having.
    (end quote)

    Now, when I read that question I thought about the same thing. I thought to myself how is it a man is supposed to be made jealous by his wife appropriating the male identity markers upon themselves. Or vis-versa. Then this comment was made and it put it all in perspective, for me at least.

    “”Ask yourself, do you get jealous when a woman is dressed as a man? I certainly don’t become jealous “”When I see a man in drag.”” “”

    A man in drag…….. A Christian in a kipah…… A ‘Gentile’ Torah observer. A Gentile Jew…….. A man in drag. Appropriating an identity that is opposite of what they were made and formed by God.

    What is the real atrosity to me, is they do it in the name of Messiah Yeshua and the Gospel.

    Gentiles in drag…… acting as if they were Jews. When they were formed and placed as our helpmate, they are attempting to become the helpee, instead of the helper. They are calling God a liar, claiming that which he NEVER said.

    When the text says we are all one, that there is no difference between Jew and Gentile (in the matter of righteousness) how is it someone can take that to mean we are all one AND NOT the other?? No male or female, no rich or poor, no Jew or Gentile…..ONLY JEWS!!! Makes my head hurt……


  4. Sojourning With Jews
    June 17, 2014


    You express yourself graciously, even with a touchy topic like this one. “Gentiles in drag” is exactly how I’ve come to see this issue over the years and am working on trying to get my fellow gentiles to go a little deeper, think it through a little more, and and give God a bit more credit.

    I believe Zechariah 8: 23 (for one example) proves that Jewish identity markers need to remain on / with the descendants of Jacob–only.

    Unfortunately, many Christians who rightly perceive that the supersessionism that historic Church created and taught are instead grabbing onto the hem / tassels of a Gentile “in drag.”.


  5. Shimshon
    June 17, 2014

    Thank you for your comments Ruth. Before today I never thought of this in such a light. And even now that I have understood the comparison it will take much humility to entertain such a comparision among the TOGIM. Though I don’t think it would phase them much, as it seems they gravitate toward the more lashon hara approach of communication. However, I never intend on acting in like kind. They keep trying to relate this issue to racism. I find that as obsurd as the way the LGBT community refers to it. Now, I’ve made that connection before. So I think this is why I found your comment about a Gentile in drag so compelling. It fit my prior corelation between the LGBT and the TOGIM and the way they cry racism. Fact is, I’ve noticed a strong connection between the methods of ‘Political Correctness’ (socialism) and the two communities in mention.


  6. cfryalls
    June 17, 2014

    All very provocative, and makes me feel a bit sick inside for the bits of Jewish identity I hyjacked for myself in years past. It also makes we consider why it happens. Do Gentiles take on Jewish identity markers to provoke them to jealousy? No, I really don’t think so. I am pretty sure they don’t think about this aspect of it at all. After all imitation is a form of flattery isn’t it. I see a lot of young white people taking on L.A. Black hood /gangsta identity markers. (And I hate it) However I think for myself it was a sincere attempt to break from the errors of the Christian doctrine and practices and making an assumption that the Jews were closer to God and given the correct instructions so therefore if we did what God told the Jewish people to do, then we were pleasing God. Not so much earning God’s favor but trying to live up to the calling. So how does this all get started? Well maybe it comes back to those Early Church Fathers who were Anti-Semitic and anomial who made such a distinction between Jews and Gentiles without really addressing what the scriptures say about Gentiles who were attached to the God of Israel. The bible has much to say about the Jews and what they did. After all it is their book and their history. But outside of a few passages in Acts and some of the letters, there is little shown for how a Gentile was to live as a believing Gentile who was a grafted in member of the faith. A lot of instruction is there in the Epistles but so twisted up in early church interpretation that it has been missed. Really what we are talking about here, this understanding, is a new revelation for this time. We are on the cutting edge of re-discovering a great truth, that God blesses the Gentiles through Messiah and does so while they are Gentiles without becoming Jews, or even taking on Jewish identity markers or traditions. Gentiles must turn from uncleanness and Pagan things pretty much as the Jerusalem council stated. And I think all men should keep the ten commands, since they were given not just to Israel but also to the mixed multitude that believed in the God of Israel. But all the other things that are directed to Israel and to be rules for that nation when there enter the promised land and such, these are not for Gentiles to take on. If a Gentile chooses to do these things then they are free to do so, but should do it through the Jewish authority just as it said in Acts 15. For Moshe is preached on Sabbath in every city. In other words, if they want to become Jews, they are free to do so through the local synagogues. But it is not called for in the Gospel and not even a burden placed on the Apostles to teach Gentiles how to live like Jews. We are called to live in unity with the creator through rebirth in Yeshua the Messiah as Gentiles.


  7. Sojourning With Jews
    June 18, 2014

    Shimshon, I have not “mixed it up” much beyond mainstream Christianity, Judaism, and MJ, so I’m not sure what “TOGIM” means. I can guess at the first 3 letters but the last 2 have me puzzled. 🙂


    • Shimshon
      June 18, 2014

      LOL, don’t worry Ruth. It’s all new to me too. It’s the latest reinvention of the one law position. It’s just being ‘rolled out’ as a new community for the one law Messianic. It stands for Torah Observant-Gentile Inclusive Messianic. It’s the brain child of those within the newly formed CTOMC organization. It seems after railing against the ‘established organizations of men’ they have …..created one of their own? sigh


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