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One New Man

one new man

OK this is one of those things that I want to share with you and to me it is hot news, but I am probably the last one to find out about this.  That often happens with us old folks.

I have read and do own a pretty good collection of scriptures and among them I have some fantastic tools like my Interlinear Hebrew and Greek translation with all the text in the original language with the strongs number for each word and the English translation.  I love this work except for having to wear a pair of “Mag eyes” magnifying lenses to see the incredibly small print.

I have the complete Jewish Bible and the Commentary by David Sterns. And some others that try to make the scriptures comply with Hebraic language and names etc. But this new one, to me anyway, really excites me.  It has really kindled a new blazing fire under me and I am re-reading the scriptures and am able to at last just take it as it is and absorb the meaning because it is really written in the correct Hebraic context, culturally, textually, and according to the idioms and customs of those who wrote them. You don’t have to re-read a verse over and over to figure out what the author was saying. It’s clear and right up front!

It is called the  “ONE NEW MAN BIBLE”  Revealing the Jewish roots and Power, translated by William Morford, who is a bible scholar in his own right and studied for years under Rabbi Eliezar Ben-Yehuda Ph.D.  Other scholars are also part of the team of translators.

Look, you can investigate this for yourselves. I just wanted to send up some fireworks to get some attention to this so that others like me who have been fighting our way through various translations trying to be sure that the translators adhered  to the context and idioms of the time of their being written, have  here in one volume and in Hebraic form, written in English, a translation that the work has been done.  It’s the best I have seen, and so far I find it to be very accurate although I may not agree with some of the notations.  It has a large glossary and index to explain why certain translations were made as shown and explains the Hebraic reasoning behind them. It also reveals the reason previous Christian translators took a different translation to support their own theology.  When I read this Bible, I get excited in my Spirit and feel the power of God in the word like never before.

Now for some folks that believe that the Lord, the Prophets and Apostle all really spoke in 13th century middle English this will be considered another  bad translation.   But having lived and studied as a Messianic for  more than 40 years, I find it refreshing and empowering. It creates a sense of urgency  that calls for commitment in the readers heart.  I like it!

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4 comments on “One New Man

  1. Shimshon
    June 17, 2014

    Cool, good review. Makes me want to get it.

    The one thing that put me off with the CJB was the use of Yiddish. I mean, come on, really? I’m a Yid, and the thought that Messiah or his followers used Yiddish expressions makes me …well Plotz! lol in laughter.. (such chutzpah?!?)

    Good to see God has set a fire under you again. 🙂


    • cfryalls
      June 17, 2014

      Good to see you cracking joke again! I agree with you on the CJB. So far in this Translation I haven’t seen so much changing of words for Jewish words other than names, but the full meaning of the original word in the text is brought out in English. For example in Paul letter to Galations, he is talking about the futility of Legalism and Jewish traditions over being filled with the spirit of God through Messiah. It also makes clear in other places like Ephesians that we wait having the gift of the spirit as the earnest, the down payment for the fulfillment of the entire promise that is yet to come only when Messiah returns. Some times a single word in one language does not translate well to a single word in another language and requires a small phrase to impart the intended meaning. Right?

      Gal 5:2 Behold, I , Paul, say to you that if you would be circumcised, Messiah will profit you nothing. And I am testifying again to every circumcised man that he is obligated to do the whole tradition. 4 You who are made righteous by legalism, have been separated from Messiah, you have fallen from grace. 5. For we are eagerly awaiting,in the Spirit, the hope of righteousness by faith. 6. For in Messiah Y’shua neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any strength, but faith working through love.


      • Shimshon
        June 17, 2014

        Sounds good. I liked it when I read it (the gal verse) It immediately brought to mind that it is not ‘Judaism’ that Paul is railing against, but the missuse, abuse, or application that was being pointed out. i.e. righteousness comes by doing the commands, that make you a Jew.

        He wasn’t saying ‘you who are made righteous by Judaism’, he’s not saying ‘you who follow Judaism have been seperated from Messiah’. He’s saying those Jews who thought that by observing and being a Jew made one righteous in God’s sight, that they were NOT understanding what God said. They made the Word, the Torah out to be ‘legalism’, not love proved through faith. He was saying that they were misunderstanding God and making the Torah and it’s commands to be something they were not. They were ‘lording over’ others with a self-righteous attitude. And using the Torah to do that!!! It is these people who are seperated from Messiah. Because they have not the heart of God.


  2. cfryalls
    June 17, 2014

    YES! David. And you see this is the very same thing that the modern Torah community of (mostly Gentile) Messianic Torah people are doing today. They are once again using Torah legalistically. They are again trying to lord over those who are of simple faith. They insist no only on Torah but even the traditions that were condemned by Yeshua as worthless burdens that only placed men into bondage to them. I just had a short run at a whole nest of these Neo-Galations, this weekend. I know exactly how Paul must have felt in a small degree, however in Pauls case they literally sought his very life for resisting them, in favor of the Gospel.


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