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Noah’s Ark Blueprints Found

British Museum blog

Irving Finkel, curator, British Museum
Detail of a cuneiform tablet

I’ve just come from the press conference launching my new book, The Ark Before Noah. As I told the journalists, it all started with a fairly normal event for a museum curator: a member of the public bringing in an object that had long been in their family to have it identified. As often happens in my case, it was a cuneiform tablet. The visitor, Douglas Simmonds, had been given it by his father for passing his exams. It was part of a modest collection: a few tablets, some cylinder seals, a lamp or two and some pieces from China and Egypt. His father, an inveterate curio hunter, had picked them up after the War in the late 1940s.

This tablet, however, turned out to be one in a million. The cuneiform was a sixty-line passage from the ancient Babylonian Story of the Flood

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2 comments on “Noah’s Ark Blueprints Found

  1. cfryalls
    January 29, 2014

    That’s an interesting idea isn’t it? The Flood story is actually common in more than 200 ancient societies and varies only slightly in details which in itself verifies the history of the event. In one South American version the Ark was a box and in another it was a huge hollowed out log. This story is very interesting because of the connection between Sumer, (Akkadia, Babylon) and the Hebrew people who came from there. Abraham’s father Terah was a priest in the city Nippur etc.


  2. cfryalls
    January 30, 2014

    I was thinking about the flood last night after posting and was thinking about what that event must have been like. You know the Sunday School version of 40 days of rain and suddenly the Earth is flooded and Noach goes bobbing along in a big boat is probably very far from the truth. The real issue of the time was the part of the scriptures that tells us that the “Fountains of the Earth” were opened up. This is where most of the water came from, subterranean oceans trapped under Continental shelves and under extreme pressure. When those fountains opened up and started reducing the pressure down there the super heated water turned to steam and expanded a 1000 times its water volume and with explosive force shattered the continents and sent them in various directions, huge Earthquakes, mountains pushing up out of the faults as the plates crashed together, other areas sinking into new ocean basins. The super saturated water would have been shot all the way up to the cold stratosphere and then condensed into the rain and probably ice that fell. Can you image experiencing this? It would be lake all the disaster films ever made as a single movie and them multiplied by 10,000. It was an event just slightly short of a total planetary explosion. I believe that the event was so horrible that it was permanently burned into our minds and established the fear of catastrophe. I think that prior to that event it would never have occurred to men that the Earth was anything other than a peaceful tranquil paradise that was perpetual and unchanging. After the flood we began to fear many things. No longer trusting the stability of the Earth, having a new understanding that there are boundaries and laws that men should not transgress, that there really was a God and that we should never again provoke His wrath. But over the millennia I think we have lost that last aspect and think that God is just our benevolent father who gives us whatever we want. Since God is true and faithful to his word, how terrible will the coming tribulation be? We should all tremble in the prospect of the coming time of tribulation.


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