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Who are you expecting, The Lord or the Antichrist?

RapturingI have talked with many Christians, read or listened to many Christian theologians, read their books and the majority of them all say things like, “The very next thing to happen on the prophetic timeline is the rapture of the Church.!”

It is this doctrine that the Church, those who believe in the pretribulation rapture, are a special group usually referred to as “The Bride of Christ ” and that because of their faith in this Rapture they will be secretly taken away by the Lord to the prepared wedding feast of Messiah while the rest of the world including the rest of the Church suffers through the Great Tribulation.

Therefore the very next event they see taking place is the coming of Christ to take them away. But what do the prophets say? What did Yeshua Himself say? They said clearly that a great deceiver, the Anti-Christ (False Messiah ), would come before the true messiah and would, through the working of great signs and wonders, deceive and seduce many. Yeshua said that even the very Elect, the chosen and righteous ones, would be in danger of being fooled by this impostor.

When the disciples asked Yeshua what would be the sign of His return, he told them about false Christs working wonders and said if anyone tells you that ‘He is out in the desert or in some hidden inner chamber do not believe them.’ He said that when He, Yeshua, the real Messiah returns all the world would see Him and that everyone will know who He is. Not just a select few. Even the lost will know who He is and that the time of God’s wrath has come.

So don’t go looking for Him in some secret revealing. Yeshua said that He would come with a shout and the Blast of the Trumpet with the angels of God and all the faithful will be gathered together from the four corners of the earth.

But before that happens, He Told us, the great Abomination will come to the Earth as the prophet Daniel had said. We know from Daniel that this Abomination is in fact the Antichrist, to one who proclaims to be god and demands all to worship him as god even taking up a throne for himself where only God is to sit.

Ask Yourself, Have the dead been resurrected? Has the Antichrist been reveled and proclaimed to be god? No! So there can be no rapture coming at any moment.

Paul said it also. He said that before our being gathered together to the Lord that a terrible Apostasy, a falling away from faith, would take place and the ‘man of sin’ the antichrist would be revealed, the one who Messiah will destroy with flaming fire. These things must take place first, before the righteous living saints are taken to be with the Lord.

Paul said that he too would enter into God’s rest with all of us, not in some secret sneaking away but in an open display of Messiah coming in the clouds with flaming fire to be glorified in the saints and to bring Gods wrath upon the evil ones on the day of the Lord.

So who are you expecting next? You may be hoping for Yeshua the Messiah to come as we all do, but the Lord himself has assured us that before He comes, there will be a Great tribulation, the worst ever on Earth and the Apostasy would claim many, and the Antichrist would come proclaiming to be god and demand worship. This imposter will be controlling even your ability to work and provide for your family.

After these things is when the Lord comes. Not Before. If you have been convinced that the next person to appear on the scene is Yeshua the Messiah, then you have set yourself up for the greatest deception of all time. It is the Antichrist who comes first and with him a false prophet preparing a way for him.

I think that if those who believe in the “pre-tribulation rapture” are honest about how they came to believe in this doctrine that they never learned of it from reading the word of God. They would never have come to that conclusion from what the Bible says. Most people heard it from their preacher or a parent, a TV evangelist, a movie like “Left Behind” or some supposed Christian author most of whom have made fortunes selling this perverted doctrine.

The scriptures only tell us about a resurrection of the dead and the changing of the living righteous into the immortal body at the time of the return of Messiah. Which is after the Great Tribulation, and after the Antichrist appears on the Earth demanding to be worshiped as god while bringing great persecution against the true and faithful followers of Messiah. We as believers are admonished over and over to be aware of these things, to know the signs and to strengthen our faith so that we are able to stand in that terrible time and remain faithful unto God and Messiah.


2 comments on “Who are you expecting, The Lord or the Antichrist?

  1. messenger5
    November 2, 2013

    And….. I was hoping this article would tell me the secrets of flying like that in the picture you posted. 😛


  2. cfryalls
    November 2, 2013

    But you said you HATE flying. Ha!


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