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When everlasting is no longer everlasting


Conditional covenants are everlasting as long as the terms of the contract are upheld by the agreeing parties.

Israel broke the covenant. Therefore it is no longer everlasting.

I was reading another discussion forum regarding the difference between the new covenant and the old.  I would like to share some points a fellow blogger had to say that I found were key points to understanding these differences.

By JGIG (Joyfully Growing in Grace)

Who is your acting high priest for the times when you fall short?

How do you reconcile the fact that Yeshua, being of the Tribe of Judah, cannot legally administer the Old Covenant to which you currently adhere?

Do you realize that by operating in the Old Covenant you have no representation in the Heavenly Tabernacle because Yeshua is the Perfect High Priest for a better Covenant, the New Covenant? It is not like the Old, but a superior covenant built on better promises! (Jer. 31:32, 2 Cor. 3, Heb. 8:6)

Bottom line is that there is no priesthood to mediate for you when you mess up in the Old Covenant. So you must keep all of the laws in the Old Covenant that apply to you perfectly, all of the time. If you do not, then in that Old Covenant, you stand condemned – unrepresented by anyone. (2 Cor. 3, Galatians 3:10, James 2:10)

And the Levitical Priesthood is not coming back – ever – for Christ Jesus has been made a Priest forever by an Oath made by God and by the power of an indestructible Life. (Heb. 7)

If you are truly in Christ, however, He’s faithful to intercede for you, even in your misled and bewitched state. He is faithful even when we are not. (Galatians, 1 Thess. 5:23-24, Heb. 7:25)

We are ministers of a ‘new’ covenant.  The laws written on stone are now being written upon your heart.  God is minstering his ways in a ‘new’ way that was not possible through Israel.  Because she was faithless in her former state, and because obedience to Torah is ALWAYS reliant on ones faith, not ones works.

We have faith in the One who does the Work.  That he accomplishes all for us, and keeps us in unity with God.  His Torah is ministered with so much more glory than the old covenant that it fades away.  His law keeps us united with God in Faith.  Because now, in the new covenant, He is working, and we believe.

In the old covenant He commanded we work because we believe, it was a conditional covenant, unlike the one made with Abraham.  But no man really believed, only did the works, believing that doing them was salvation.  But that was wrong.  Salvation is having faith in THE Work of God.

The old covenant was God telling us how to work it out.  The new covenant is God telling us how He worked it out.

Point being, there is a difference between the old and new covenant that is as different as night and day.  And it’s not that the laws of love and faith given in the Torah are null and void.  It’s that they are now transformed into your heart, your spirit, your way of being.  Why? Because he commanded Israel through Moses?  No, because he commanded Israel through Yeshua that we would be one with God when He comes to dwell within us.  Which was ONLY possible throught he Messiah promised by Moses.  And why Moses preached that Israel MUST hear and listen to him or die (in your sins).  Meaning there was something greater coming, not like that which was given Moses, that if missed would be your death.

Yeshua is this Word, He is THE One who works on your behalf, in your stead, IN YOUR SPIRIT!  You are dead but he is alive.

And I believe the work he has done that made a way for gentiles to partake of this covenant along side Israel will culminate in the regathering of Israel in her land.  Where she will be made completley clean and restored, living in union with God through the Spirit given by Yeshua the King.  Then all nations will come and learn his ways, of love, grace, and mercy.  God living as King among us!  Within us!  And throughout us!  This is our hope of glory, not that we are restored to an old covenant, but that we are ministers of this ‘new’ covenant.  An everlasting promise made to Abraham, that those who live by faith will receive the promise of the kingdom.


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Humility is the beginning of ones relationship with God, or the reminder of it's existence...... LOVE ~ Life's Only Valuable Emotion

7 comments on “When everlasting is no longer everlasting

  1. Messianic Jew Boy
    October 7, 2013

    Hey Shimshon,

    I agree with you for the most part. What I would like to add if you don’t mind is that this post is a reaction or response to doctrine.

    I’m a Messianic Jew, a ‘real’ Jew not that it makes any difference in Yeshua. But I would like to say that most if not all Messianic Jews would agree with your post and for the most part I would say coming from a Messianic Jewish perspective it’s like ‘duh’.

    There’s unfortunately non Jews who perceive Messianic Judaism a much different than way than Jews like us do. One Law doctrine I’m referring too.


    • cfryalls
      October 7, 2013

      If I may but it…. I think they do this because they believe that Rabbinical Jews hold the authentic KEY, to what God wants of us. Where they fail is that they miss the point that Rabbinical Judaism is not even what God gave Moshe. It is a new religion that is priestless and templess. IT is a man made religion and actually was formed in 135 AD a good 100 years after Messianic Judaism or the Apostles or what I call Apostalic Judaism. The one law people are motivated through love for God, but try to express their love through human effort rather than though new birth and appreciation through being in union with God.


      • Shimshon
        October 7, 2013

        I would add that though you are correct about the modern day rabbinical Judaism formed at Yavneh, it is also correct that this templeless system was actually formed during the Babylonian exile. A sort of proto-rabbinical religion. I like the way Stern puts it (which is rare for me) that Yeshua came to a nation where perversion of the Torah was the norm. Israel rebelled against the Torah and was exiled to Babylon, where she embraced the ways of those nations and then returned as if she was ‘restored’. But God knew better. I mean come on, a temple without the Ark? A preisthood without the Zadokites? A Judaism without the Jews? lol Isn’t that what we today call the Hebrew Roots movement?


  2. cfryalls
    October 7, 2013

    Good Post. When Moshe stood up for Israel and God gave them the Old Covenant Israel responded by saying, “Whatever the Lord says, that we will do.” The emphasis was on Doing and the affect of this doing was that the one true God would be known as the God of Israel.

    In the New covenant, the people, both Jews and Gentiles, respond by proclaiming that Yeshua IS the Messiah and that the prophecies concerning the last days, (Joel 2) are fulfilled. And the Affect of this is God fills men with the Holy Spirit and gives them new life from within.

    Some people get sort of twisted up in this and say the New covenant is yet for a future day when Yeshua returns but they miss the the process of first fruits. We are the first fruits of the New Covenant. We are not the final harvest, but we are made of the same stuff. In the same way that Yeshua was the first fruits of all those that will be raised from the dead. Because He was raised up, we who trust in Him will also be raised up in the final Harvest at the second coming. (And not in some secret stealing away rapture)


    • Shimshon
      October 7, 2013

      How true. Many confuse the first fruits for the ‘ONLY’ fruits. In fact many Hebrew Roots adherants confuse the tree for the fruit! Then they prune the tree of all the fruit and say, THIS is what God intended to make! And God says…MY FRUIT!!! Now I have to grow it all over again!! Get those rebelious kids away from my tree!!! I’m going to grow this tree myself and offer the fruit to who I choose!


      • cfryalls
        October 7, 2013

        Excellent analogy.


  3. Shimshon
    October 7, 2013

    Thanks for your reply Marc. I agree with your comments about being a reaction and a ‘duh’ to most believing Jews. I just think JGIG encapsulated the issues very well with those points. I’ve spoken much on the second point of the high priest myself here. But it was the remark about Israel breaking the covenant thus rendering the eternality of it broken. Add this with the teachings of Yeshua in regard to the temple, and Paul in regards to the covenant changes and you wonder what kool aid did those in the Hebrew Roots movement drink?


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