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911 still a mystery.


A Dozen years and still most Americans don’t know what happened on Sept 11. 2001. Most of them think that a couple jet aircraft were flown into the towers causing a fire in each tower that caused the buildings to collapse from the top down in a sort of self generated jackhammer sequence from top to bottom. But every crime scene has the truth recorded in the evidence and the evidence usually does not defy the laws of physics. Before you set this blog aside let me assure you that I am not one of those conspiracy folks who see a cover-up in every shadow. Just hang tight with me while I present some facts that were never really given the analytical attention they should have had. So on this day 12 years after the event, it seems right to at least give the evidence some thoughts.

Take some time to go through the films of the events on YouTube and look at those with a critical eye. More than just the two towers were destroyed on that day. And I am not making a reference to the Pentagon. I am referring to the other building at “Ground Zero”. Beyond towers one and two which were hit by airplanes, towers 3, 4, a portion of 5 and 6, pretty much all of 7 and about 1400 cars and trucks were also destroyed.

Towers 1 and 2 each were made out of something close to 800 thousand tons of steel and 600 thousand tons of concrete. Inside the towers were 3000 toilet fixtures and thousands upon thousands of office machines computers and office furniture. The interesting thing that make one scratch their heads is that after the towers came down, not one piece of office equipment was found in the rubble, no bathroom fixtures and besides all of that the pile of steel and concrete at the ground level was less than 100 feet tall. So what happened to the rest of the volume of materials used to build the towers? It all turned to dust, very fine dust just 10 microns in diameter, and was blown into the ocean. The obvious question is, how did the impact of two aircraft and Jet fuel that burns at 450 degrees reduce these towers to dust? And really it is a deeper question because you see, the towers remained standing for nearly an hour after impact having fire damage only on the floors at or adjacent to the level of impact. When the towers begin to collapse, it takes 7 second for them to pile up on the ground. As you watch the film footage what you can see clearly are large waffle like section of steel frames that made up the external shell of the towers falling and actually turning to dust as they fell to the ground in those 7 seconds! How? By what law of physics. The “ I beams” that were left at the ground level all had a strange appearance. They had become as thin as paper or totally dissolved away. I have been able to personally examine a couple of these steel beams myself. On one end they look pretty much normal but across the length there are blisters like those made by an electric arc but very large giving the surface a spotted look and between these are deep pits that are nearly ½ inch deep and tapered to a near perfect point at the bottom as if material had been sucked out of the beam. And then the stock of the steel simply gets thinner and thinner along it length without actually deforming the dimensions of the beam. I worked in the steel industry, in the steel making business and these things are unlike anything I have ever seen.



So what we have is some sort of energy that was focused at those buildings from above which turned most of their mass into dust size particles and scattered them to the wind. But that is not the end of the weirdness. Have you ever noticed that tons of paper fell from the buildings un-burned just fluttering in the wind. Yet everything with mass that might have a resonance turned to dust. People were running from the site in a cloud of dust and cars and trucks, ambulances and fire trucks were exploding and burning all around them, and yet the people themselves suffered no burns and the trees that lined the streets seemed to go unharmed. 1400 cars and trucks were destroyed at that time. Some of them were parked next to the towers but not all. Some were parked in lots up to ¾ of a mile away. At first some witnesses thought that bombs had been planted among those cars, but looking more closely a different story is revealed. You see, the vast majority of these toasted cars still had the fuel in their gas tanks and it didn’t ignite. The cars were not impacted by falling debris either. Most of them had their cast iron parts melted. The engine blocks were melted to liquid state and puddled underneith them. The cast wheels and brake assemblies were melted. The door handles were melted out of the doors but the cars paint was mostly untouched and often the interiors the plastic seats and trims were all untouched, paper products inside and aluminum cans and such all untouched. What kind of black magic was this? It for sure was not the effects of a jet fuel fire a thousand feet above and a half mile away. In my opinion the energy that was focused on those buildings was a resonate energy that caused solid materials of particular densities to vibrate and heat up and dissolve.

These are the effects of a Scalar wave weapon. Was this something that God did or that God allowed as a sign of impending judgement against America? Whose technology was used? If it was U.S. technology then we have to accept that our own government used this awesome weapon against it’s own people. And is that any less of an outrage than the chemical attack against Syria by their own president. If this technology belongs to one of our adversaries, are we unable to protect ourselves from future and greater attacks? Neither of these are good options. And we may never know the answer. Isn’t it strange too that almost every piece of scrap steel that was left on the ground was quickly loaded up and taken to India for disposal?

There are many strange and unanswered questions remaining about that day. The most important might be, why didn’t the people of this nation take to their knees and pray for God to forgive us? No, instead our leaders including our president who was supposed to be a Christian, a church man, more or less shook their fists at God and swore that “though the walls may have been torn down that we will rebuild with hewn stones and come back stronger”. It is the same thing Israel said when Judgement was coming upon them. A time when repentance was called for but instead it was used to bolster patriotism. And our attention was turned to seeking revenge from terrorist groups that were involved in the hijacking of the planes. This led the U.S. into more war, financial stress, inflation of energy costs and step by step brought about a bursting of the real-estate bubble and a deep recession that we have yet to recover from. What does it take to bring a nation to repentance and to return to God? When I watched those towers fall, the Lord gave me the verses from Revelation 17 and 18, Fallen, Fallen is Babylon!


Watch the video and see the fountains of microscopic dust pouring out of the steel and stone in the seven seconds it took for the towers to come down.


2 comments on “911 still a mystery.

  1. Kathy
    September 11, 2013

    I didn’t know that about the cars. Wow. The engines melted but the paper and plastic didn’t burn up? That is weird.


    • Charles
      September 11, 2013

      Kathy, it is true. I have a lot of pictures, more than I would put on this site. You can view them on line. Even in the two I posted you can see that the fire engine engine block meltes and with it the cab sort of melted and the ladder over the cab, but the doors and frame and the back 80% of the fire engine are fine except for dust. Also the cars in the Park lot, the glass is melted out of the windows door handles melted out and paint on the top surface is burnt but the steel body isn’t and the interiors are mostly OK. There is a really good, howbeit rather expensive book that goes into all the evidence from a scientific standpoint. “Where Did the Towers Go?” by Dr. Judy Wood, who is an engineer and and PHD in energy systems. She deals with everything and also has really good photographs. In one sequence you can see a free standing “Spire, of channel beams of building 2 which is 20 stories high and in the sequence of photos as in the video, you can see it just turn to dust and leave a dusty shadow that remains where this structure was was for a few moments until the dust disapates. Also Judy Wood has some presentation on Youtube but not in the detail of all the engineering data that is in the book.


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