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My “Torah Obedient Brothers in Yeshua” (TOBY’s)


Another short statement concerning those who have become “Messianic” whether Jewish or Gentile.

The goal they seem to seek is to be accepted and adopted by God. This is the goal of all who seek God. However they have come to believe that the Jewish people have a direct path to obtaining that status because the Jews were the chosen vessel through which God would speak to the world. The finer point, which the TOBY’s seem to miss, is that God would use that chosen people to prepare the way to bring forth Messiah, Yeshua, the one who would reconcile us all to God and restore us to what we were truly created to be.

My TOBY brothers, those who try to keep all the Torah commands, think they are being obedient to God in what they do, but the truth is they are at best following or emulating Rabbinical Judaism with it’s many traditions and practices and myraids of laws that Yeshua himself hated, because they were a burden that actually prevented people from being able to approach God face to face. They are following the sages and the teachers who actually rejected Yeshua and to this day have not received him.

Rabbinical Judaism is not what the Torah teaches. Rabbinical Judaism is what was formed by men in an attempt to preserve the Jewish faith after the Temple and the lands of Israel were taken away from them. The Torah is all centered on that Temple of Stone, with it’s particular priesthood of imperfect men and to have authority in the lands of Israel. That is all tied together in the old covenant. The New covenant is different, not like the old covenant (Jer 31:31). The New covenant has one perfect and eternal priest, Yeshua, who intercedes for us daily forever! He cleanses us with his own Holy Blood not with the blood of animals which were a temporary substitute until the eternal was to come forth through Yeshua. Those under the old covenant were saved through faith looking FORWARD to the perfect that was to come, Messiah Yeshua.  We Today are saved by looking BACK to Him, or more precise looking AT Him, for we have seen him or have trusted in the report that was given of Him by the Disciples. And we know their report was reliable because Yeshua fulfilled all that the Old Covenant Torah had foretold. We have our two reliable witnesses. And we see Him alive and at work in us every day of our lives!

We ARE the Temple of God in the New covenant here on Earth and live within the Covenant Torah of that is written on our hearts. Yes there are similarities like the foundational principles of the 10 commands after all both covenants were given to us by the same God. But as members of the New Covenant, saved by the blood of Yeshua, and filled with His Spirit, we are obedient to the laws that are written on our hearts and which manifest the fruit that comes from living in union with the creator. Those laws written on our hearts are not contrary to the ones given through Moshe. They bring to fullness that which the old Covenant looked forward to with great hope. Messiah living with and in us all.


6 comments on “My “Torah Obedient Brothers in Yeshua” (TOBY’s)

  1. Messianic Jew Boy
    August 16, 2013

    I was raised Jewish and still keep many commands BUT it has nothing to do with salvation and the like. It’s the way I was raised.


  2. Messianic Jew Boy
    August 16, 2013

    My observation is it’s the non Jewish believers who take much different approach than Jewish believers.


    • cfryalls
      August 16, 2013

      I think that is my experience as well. But this may be because most of the Jews I have known who became Messanic were formerly Jews of the more reformed or liberal even secular side of Jews. I think it would be very different for groups of more conservative or Hasedic Jews. And let me say that there is nothing wrong with keeping some of the Jewish traditions which are an expression of your faith, so long as you do not fall into the idea that they are requirements for ones salvation or acceptance in God. On the other hand traditions which are contrary to God’s word, whether Jewish or Christian should be avoided. I am sort of an Iconoclast and very set against man made traditions that deny or hide the truth of what God is showing us or which obscure them so that they are indistinguishable from Pagan traditions. We are called to be a unique and separate people and are not to compromise with doctrines of Demons. I am afraid the Christian Church is the greater offender of this with it’s setting aside the appointed times (Moedim) in favor of Roman and Greek Pagan practices and festivals, or teachings that are taken completely out of context.


  3. cfryalls
    August 16, 2013

    Here is a question for discussion purposes; Should believers in Yeshua observe laws of clean and unclean food? The Christian doctrine says no, that they were abolished, yet in the same passages where God calls eating unclean things an abomination he also calls Homosexuality to be an abomination. The Christian doctrine is violently opposed to Homosexuality (or used to be), but have no trouble eating anything even what is unclean.
    Now let me clarify further that there is a big difference between what I would call “Bibically Kosher” and what is “Rabbinically Kosher”. Rabbinical laws are 1000 times more stringent and go far beyond what God asks us to do. This is why the Pharisees even accused Yeshua and His disciples of eating with unwashed hands, because under Rabbinical law, that would make the food unclean. However God’s law does not say this. It is a man made ordinance. But Christians who do not understand the Hebraic context of the scriptures quote this incident as one of the proofs that Kosher food laws were abolished. No, Rabbinical law is what was invalidated by the Lord. In fact there is no evidence in the New testament that the disciples ever deviated from Kosher food law as given by God.

    So the Question again; Should Believers in Yeshua observe Biblical Food laws?


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