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One Thing that is Eternal is Truth, It never changes!

normal_The-Earth---07 For many years I have listened to the arguments between evolutionists and Religionists as they debate the merits of their opinions. In the end, opinions or beliefs really don’t matter because there is really only one true answer. A good portion of the issues in this age old argument centers on the seeming contradiction between the Biblical telling of history and what is taught by geologists and members of the scientific community. I always love it when science eventually comes to actually prove the truth of the biblical account often times while trying to find explanations to invalidate the biblical history.

Is the Earth only six thousand years old? Seems unlikely but in truth the Bible doesn’t say that it is only six thousand years old. In fact in the opening verses of Genesis we see a description of a very, very old universe and Earth which “Becomes void” suffers some terrible catastrophe before it gets to telling us the story of mankind on the Earth. In fact in reading the whole of scripture we see that the Angels of heaven, the Sons of God, had dominion on the Earth perhaps Eons before man was placed on the Earth. The Bible is really the story of the Hebrew people, the called out special people who God elects to be his own that is covered in the Biblical narrative. The other nations are only mentioned to the extent that they take part in the development of Israel.  The actual creation week is covered in a time unit we can not really understand. As it is said, ” A day to God is like a thousand unto men.”

One of those places that seem to be a problem in this argument between  Creationists and Science  is that the bible tells us that the dividing of the land took place during biblical times that before that the Earth was composed of a large single land mass. Then the land was divided and people and animals grew up separated from others of their kind. The scientific data leans toward this also however it places it in a very distant past perhaps millions of years ago always looking for change in what is called Geological Time, slow and covering millions even billions of years.

Almost all people seem to have a story of a great flood that engulfed the entire world very suddenly and that their God, whoever he was for them, preserved a single family of humans and usually some animals in a covered boat, log, box, ark…etc. Because this story is so common there must be some factual basis for it. However the scientific community says that in order to cover the Earth with water we would need five times more water than now exists. Ok, but what if there is another answer? What if the overflow of water came as a result of a world wide Tsunami generated by some other event like the ice cap of Antarctica slipping off the continental shelf? Or maybe there is another scientific explanation that would provide an answer for several things all at once. When all the evidence can be demonstrated by a single event, logic tells you that you might be close to the truth. All the continents of the world fit together on all their sides, not just the obvious connection between Africa and the Americas, and African with India and Arabia. No actually they all fit together like a giant jig-saw- puzzle on all sides except only on a much smaller planet earth.

Observe the following:

Something in the past happened that divided the lands but also caused the Earth to increase in size, that is, in circumference perhaps by displacing inner material to the crust and leaving voids deeper in the mantle.  Could there be a theory, a scientifically sound theory that fits all the evidence? Something that can explain the increase of the size of the Earth, the division of the continents and the great flood as well as the creation of mountains and great canyons and fit it into the Bible time frame? Perhaps there is. Hydro-Plate Theory.

Yes, some call it silly and have offered to debunk it. But it is after all only a theory. But it has the advantage of including much if not all of the geologic evidence. I am not saying this is the answer. I am saying that it is a theory that might be closer to the truth than what has been presented before from the scientific community. This theory most likely needs further study. Whatever the truth is, when science works out the detail, I am convinced it will agree 100% with the Biblical account.

Dr. Walt Brown and the Hydroplate Theory.


2 comments on “One Thing that is Eternal is Truth, It never changes!

  1. cfryalls
    August 3, 2013

    An interesting tid-bit of possible connected information. Dr. Browns model shows that the comets were formed when extremely high pressure water bust from the depths of the Earth at the time of the flood discharging much water into space. If this is true then a prediction would be that comets would have orbits that are closer to the Earth and inner solar system. And now it has been discovered that this IS the case. Also liquid water is considered a very rare thing in the universe, yet the Earth and the Comets are mostly water.


  2. cfryalls
    August 3, 2013

    I am currently reading Dr. Browns book, “In the Beginning. Compelling evidence for creation and the Flood”.. Very well written with tons of scientific information.


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