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A Different View of the World


I wrote this over a dozen years ago, and I wanted to bring it up again because I think each generation has their own idea of what the world should look like and how things should be. This article attempts to  correct those ideas and reset them to how things were in the beginning when God created the Earth and put mankind upon it. After all it was supposed to be according to His design. We have all deviated far from that and have really lost sight of how it was or how it will be when Yeshua returns and renews and heals the Earth.

A Different view of the World!
by Charles Ryalls
(May 2000)
Recently we have been going through a series of classes to obtain licensing as a Foster Adopt home. It seems funny in a way, after raising 4 children and having already adopted a 5 th child that now we are required to go to school to learn how to be good parents. Well I guess it’s OK. We have learned a few new things.

One item that we have recently been talking about is how to deal with children who come from a home where they were physically of sexually abused or maybe neglected. The strange thing is that many of these kids will still love and prefer their natural parents, even though it was a painful situation. Part of the reason for this is that the child has been in this situation since birth and knows nothing more. It may be daily a painful experience, and yet it is all they know.

For a moment, imagine a child who was born and raised in a prison. The mother is a criminal serving a long sentence and while serving her time has a baby. The baby grows up never seeing the outside world, never having the sun shine on them, or any of the things that we all would call normal. They get up, eat some food, stare at the wall, and wait for the next meal. Unless this child gets to visit someone on the outside and see what others are experiencing in their lives, they have no way of knowing that anything is wrong.

Now I want to change the scene on you for a moment.

You left the city and all the congestion and drove 6 hours. Its dark when you reach your destination but using the headlights of the car you set up your tent, roll out your sleeping bag and are soon in a deep sleep. Just as you are drifting off you realize how fresh and clean the air smells. You detect pine and cedar and the toasty smell of dried grasses. You hear the crickets and tree frogs pounding out a chorus that was started millennia ago.

When morning comes you peek out of your bag and see the dew, illuminated by the bright and warm sun. It’s damp in the tent. You crawl out through the flap of the tent and your eyes are filled with the brilliant sunrise breaking over the mountains set as a backdrop behind the huge lake. The sun feels warm on your face. The water is like a mirror and reflects the huge snow capped mountains, disturbed only by the ripples made by a Blue Heron wading in the shallows not far from you. You take a deep breath, hold it for just a moment, and then a long slow exhale and all the stresses of the city flow out of you mingled in the cloud of your breath. All the beauty that your eyes see and that your skin feels and all the sounds that come dancing upon your ears, can life really be this fantastic.

And the truth behind this scene is that we are in a terrible and hostile place. A world of sickness and hatred. Fear and anxiety. A place of hard labor and big bills, sickness, disease, storms, earthquakes, depleted ozone and toxic air. We must struggle to survive and the whole world is against you. But we are like that child raised in the prison cell and never been outside. We have become accustomed to the world as it is and think that every thing is just fine. We just don’t know any more how it was in the beginning, the way that it’s supposed to be. We have forgotten how glorious it was in that Garden that God planted for Adam. We don’t see how terrible the earth was in the eyes of a Man who had lived in Gods presence. Lets take a peek from this ancient story from Egypt:

But when Adam and Eve went out of the Garden, they trod the ground on their feet, not knowing they were treading. And when they came to the opening of the gate of the garden, and saw the broad earth spread before them, covered with stones large and small, and with sand, they feared and trembled, and fell on their faces, from the fear that came upon them….

Adam and Eve wept for having come out of the garden, their first abode. And indeed when Adam looked at his flesh, that was altered, he wept bitterly, he and Eve, over what they had done. And they walked and went gently down into the cave of treasures. And as they came to it Adam wept over himself and said to Eve, ” Look at this cave that is to be our prison in this world, and a place of punishment! ” What is it compared to the garden? What is it’s narrowness compared to the space of the other?” ” What is this rock, by the side of those groves? What is the gloom of this cavern, compared to the light of the garden? What is this overhanging ledge of rock to shelter us compared with the mercy of the Lord that overshadowed us? What is the soil of this cave compared with the garden land? This earth strewed with stones; and that, planted with delicious fruit trees?”

And Adam said to Eve,” Look at thine eyes and mine, which afore beheld angels in Heaven, praising; and they too, without ceasing. But now we do not see as we did: our eyes have become of flesh; they cannot see in like manner as they saw before.” Adam said again to Eve, “What is our body today compared to what it was in the former days, when we dwelt in the garden?…

[Adam and Eve Came and entered the cave.] But when in it Adam could not see Eve ; he only heard the noises she made. Neither could she see Adam, but heard the noises he made. Then Adam wept in deep affliction, and smote his breast; and arose and said to Eve,” Where art thou?” And she said unto him, “Lo, I am standing in the darkness.” He then said to her,” Remember the bright nature in which we lived, while we abode in the garden! Oh Eve! Remember the glory that rested on us in the garden. O Eve !. Remember the trees that overshadowed us in the garden while we moved among them. O Eve! Remember that while we were in the garden that we knew neither night nor day. Think of the tree of life, from below which flowed the water, and that shed lustre over us!

It continues in many chapters. The remorse and the sadness. The fear and the separation from that which was so glorious. These two, Adam and Eve, see this world in a much different way than we do. They see it the way it really is, compared to what they had known before. We have lost that perspective because we have never see the way that it was. But I want you to take a look through their eyes for a moment so that we can put all this back into perspective. We were born and raised in this land, and have forgotten what a terrible place it is compared to that which was, compared to that which will be again. Sometimes when I talk to people about the coming Kingdom and fact that we will be leaving this world soon, they don’t want to think about it because they are afraid to leave this place. I understand, because this is all that we have ever known. But we need to realize that what we are about to enter is far, far better than what we can even imagine. It is that same kind of place that caused Adam and Eve to Weep and beat upon their breasts and cry out to God and beg to be returned to it.

Can we see it. Can we really believe it is going to be there for us? Yes! Yes! And it’s coming soon to those who love God and have chosen his salvation. The Lord God made his covenant with Adam even then, That he would come and save us and bring us back to his abode. Yeshua, Jesus, was that very salvation. He is the fulfillment of that promise. Lets go back and read a few excerpts from the text:

God said to Adam,” I have ordained on this earth days and years, and thou and thy seed shall dwell and walk in it, until the days are fulfilled; when I shall send the Word that created thee, and against which thou hast transgressed, the Word that made thee come out of the garden, and raised thee when thou wast fallen. Yea, the Word that will save thee when the five days and a half are fulfilled.” [ The text later explains this to be 5000 and 500 years.]

God the Lord said to Adam, ” Verily I say unto thee, this darkness will pass from thee, every day I have determined for thee, until the fulfillment of My covenant; when I will save thee and bring thee back again into the garden, into the abode of the light thou longest for, wherein is no darkness. I will bring thee to it – in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Again said God unto Adam, ” All this misery that thou hast been made to take upon thee because of thy transgression, will not free thee from the hand of Satan, and will not save thee. But I will. When I shall come down from Heaven, and shall become flesh of thy seed, and take upon me the infirmity from which thou sufferest, then the darkness that came upon thee in the cave shall come upon Me in the grave, when I am in the flesh of thy seed. “And I, who am without years, shall be subject to the reckoning of years, of times, of months, and of days, and I shall be reckoned as one of the sons of men, in order to save thee.”

And He did. The word became flesh and dwelled among us and we beheld His Glory. Now we are coming to the time of the redemption of our bodies, when we shall be changed back into beings bathed in glory and filled with light, and will be able to once again see angels praising God all the days. And we will also sing His praises for the great work of mercy and love that He has worked for all of us. Are we ready? Do we beat upon our breasts and cry out to God and long for His coming? Is the Kingdom of God to us like the man who finds a precious Gem in a field and then goes and sells everything he has to buy that one field? Do we love the Lord more than fathers, mothers, wives or husbands ? Yes we will soon leave this world, and we go to a place so wonderful that no eye has seen and no man imagined the things that have been prepared for us. We do not need to fear. When we see our Lord Yeshua coming for us we need to look up and rejoice! Not look over our shoulder and back to “Sodom” and wish that we could stay there. Yeshua wants us to be watching with eager expectation like that stranded castaway looking out across the horizon for the ship that will rescue him from his exile. Like the wise virgins with their lamps burning. Is your lamp burning?

“We do wait for you Lord, with our arms raised in praise and love. Come Lord Yeshua!”


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