The Messianic Way


Moving to Alaska

Valdez Terminal

We had sold everything, and left our house in Michigan to be sold and drove to Alaska. We had a temporary place to stay there but it would not last long. Living in Alaska is expensive. I needed a good Job. We prayed about it before leaving on our trip north and were praying very specifically for a Job, in Valdez, working on the Alaska Pipeline Terminal as an instrument Technician and with a salary about three times my previous in order to survive in the high cost area. I had tried to contact the managers there without success for several months. So we left for Alaska on faith and enough money to get there and back and to stay about three months.

Upon our arrival I tried without success to get an interview or to talk to the mangers in charge of the Instrument and Electrical departments. It was like a stone wall. Finally I decided I would fly to Anchorage and see if I could find some other work perhaps with one of the oil companies. The plane from Valdez to Anchorage was a small Beachcraft Baron which holds about 6 passengers. As we got to altitude the man sitting across from me suddenly let out a whelp and held his jaw. I asked if he was OK and he explained that he had gone to the dentist and got a Root canal and now the change in pressure was killing him. I showed him how to use accupressure on his ear lobe to control the pain which gave him relief in just a few seconds. With the pain under control he became busy with some papers. I looked at the papers and noticed they were “Loop Drawings” ( Electrical Schematics) I asked him if he was in the Instrument business. He then introduced himself as XXXX (Name withheld) and said that he was the Instrument and Electrical Manager at the Pipeline Terminal. I said, “This is incredible. I have been trying to get a letter to you for months.” I told him that I was an Instrument Technician. He was kind of upset because he was in rout to Anchorage to interview people for the Instrument position at the Terminal and could not understand why I had not been put on the schedule. Anyone he hired in Anchorage 350 miles away would have to relocate to Valdez and I was already there looking for work. So for the next half hour I was interviewed on the plane and won the position. I got what I had prayed for a Job in Valdez, at the Pipeline Terminal, as an instrument Technician, at three times the salary I had been making.

I think the trick is not to decide something and then ask God to bless it. It is better to determine what God would have you do and then do it knowing that he WILL bless it.


2 comments on “Moving to Alaska

  1. ema
    May 21, 2013

    And….. I was thinking you were going to pray for his tooth and he was going to be healed. Haha 😛


  2. cfryalls
    May 21, 2013

    Ha! I would have done that if the Lord directed me to do so. Have you ever been directed by the spirit to approach a person and speak to them or pray with them? What a blessing that can be. There is no way that God’s spirit can move through you without you also being affected. Just to be clear, I am not a healer, or a prophet or any such thing. I lay no claim to anything residing within myself. The only thing I can claim is that I am a sinner who God has forgiven more times than I can count and He is faithful in all things even when I am not. 😉


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