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My God Supplies

My beautiful picture    I thought that maybe I should share a couple of testimonies from  our walk with the Lord.  This one came back to mind as I considered the times of the great Tribulation.   I am totally convinced that the scriptures indicate clearly that the resurrection and rapture of the living saints takes place after the Tribulation and after the sun and moon are darkened, which is just before the wrath of God.  This is what Yeshua said.  It is what Paul taught.  It is what Isaiah prophesied. It is what John shows us in the Revelation, seals. The Question then is how will we survive the terrible times that are coming?  And clearly not all will.  Yeshua said we will have tribulations and that some would be thrown into prison  and that “they will kill you.” But not all.  Some will make it through.  Some will be changed in a moment at that last Trumpet and will join those resurrected saints heading to New Jerusalem.   This testimony may be a clue as to how we might survive during those times.

My God will supply all your needs.

 When we lived in Michigan, we had built our own home and after two years we built a very large family room onto it. It was open beam very rustic with 16 foot ceilings. There were two sources of heat for this room, a solar panel, which did not work well on cold stormy days, and a wood stove. We used this room for our Home Church and for ministering to people. The year that we built it, the winter was long and hard and we were down to our last bushel of firewood having consumed almost five cords of wood since we opened the room at the beginning of winter.

The snow cover was deep and frozen making he cutting of additional wood too difficult. We didn’t have enough money to heat it with electric heaters and were living pretty much hand to mouth at the time. We prayed about it and said that we would continue to use the room and have our meetings until the wood ran out, and we had a good month or so to go in cold weather. The next morning when we opened the room and I went to stoke the fire, the stove was still hot and full of wood and hot coals. Later in the day when I checked it again, the room was still warm and the wood stove full. This was very unusual. Another night and another morning and the stove was hot and the firebox full. I asked my wife if she had filled the stove during the night. She had not. I got a few sticks of wood and put them in but the stove was really not burned down. And so on it went for several weeks, each time I checked the stove it was burning hot and not in need of much refilling. When the very last of the bushel of wood ran out, a warm front moved through the sky cleared and the solar panel took over heating. In some mysterious way the Lord had made a small bushel of firewood last almost a month, and our ministry and church continued to grow warmed each day by his provision. A simple miracle witnessed by all those who met there.

I have seen many such miracles in my life. God can provide. And it is this provision which we can rely on during the tribulation that is coming.


2 comments on “My God Supplies

  1. Shimshon
    May 9, 2013

    Very beautiful. How God takes care of us as a father. Faithful and True. Thank you for sharing, Charles.


  2. cfryalls
    May 9, 2013

    Thank you. It is the Lord who is beautiful and faithful. I have other testimonies that I will post over the next few days. The Lord moves through us all and the more we share those things the more we get a look at Yeshua.


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