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5325089125_ef46e34801_mI am happy to share this place with my old friend, Charles.  He is passionate about Messiah, our King, and has a special calling to deal with the rapture doctrine that has permeated the church in these days.  Please read his latest article here called ‘The Great Deception‘.  And notice his name at the left of the blog, where his pages will be found.

Welcome Charles, welcome back.  Feel free to take your time, add posts as you feel moved, and ask me how to do things when you need.  shalom shalom!


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Humility is the beginning of ones relationship with God, or the reminder of it's existence...... LOVE ~ Life's Only Valuable Emotion

6 comments on “New Blogger/Old Friend

  1. Charles Ryalls
    April 13, 2013

    Hey I just took a look at the post and you make it look really nice. I Love the graphics and the highlighting. I thank you very much David. I have had this message since early 90’s and have touched upon elements of it from time to time. But lately after much, very much digging into ancient cultures like Sumer, Babylon, the Americas, it has really been a burden for me I last night I sat down and started typing out this message, but have no way to share it. So I that you for providing it. You have always been a good friend.

    On Sat, Apr 13, 2013 at 5:36 PM, Mayim Chayim


  2. Messianic Jew Boy
    April 13, 2013

    Great to see you Charles. Where have you been?


    • Charles
      April 13, 2013

      Hey guess what I just found? A reply button. Ha! Well I replied the old stupid way below. I hope you see it.


  3. David Shimshon
    April 13, 2013

    You are more than welcome, Charles. Where there is a need, we must heed.


  4. Charles
    April 13, 2013

    @Messianic Jew Boy, Where have I been? Now that is something that I too would like to know. It seems that I have been spending a lot of time preaching and doing illustrations to a social gather for the Deaf and Blind school. (A.K.A. Facebook). As it turns out only a few showed any interest. Most would only respond to light chatter about old times. One that was really interested it seems in what I was sharing about the Hebraic nature of the New Testament writings was quick to ban me when I disclosed to her that I was not a Pretribber. As far as most are concerned belief in the pretribulation Rapture is an essential article of faith. If you do not proclaim it you are not one of Messiahs. This has happened to me many times actually. I am really glad that David came back and started posting again


  5. Charles
    April 14, 2013

    It is really difficult to make accurate guesses about when all these things will take place. What we do is look for events that have happened or that are about to happen and see if they have a possible fit to bible prophecy. One of those coming events is the Earth destroying Asteroid Apophis which is to make a very near miss April13, 2029 passing inside the band of earth satellites. Depending on just what point of the projected target window it passes through gives it a 300 mile wide target for somewhere between central southern California and a point 300 mile into the Pacific on April 13, 2036. (the day of the Feast of unleavened bread) Apophis is the size of the Rose Bowl and whether it hits land or sea will be a near extinction event. So I wondered if this might be the mountain on fire that is cast into the sea, in Revelation. One interesting connection is that Yeshua said that in the end it would be like in the days of Noah. And in Noah’s time there was a 120 year period of grace from the time God said he would flood the earth wiping out all life and when the flood actually came. SO I looked at the 2036 date and backed up and found that in that year 1916 you had the organization meeting that began the process known as the Balford Agreement to allow Jews to return to their homeland, which is an end times check point. Was that the start of the countdown? IF you would like to hear a really good but simple explanation about Apophis here is a link:


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