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One House Theology?

I just lost 3 posts trying to create this blog.  Something does not want me to speak about this.  Or I’m inept today.

I recently ran across a article from the Messianic Israel Alliance that surprised me.  Why?  They are saying the same thing I have been.  Only using different labels.

And as seen here below, have had their ministry hijacked by others too.  I find a commonality in what they believe.  A redeemed Israel.  Where Yeshua is King on the throne of David, and reigns over the House of Israel forever.  Not in observance to the law of Moses, but to the Words of Yeshua.

We seem to have both found the connection in the prophets of Yeshua, and his title.  King of Israel who sits on the throne of David reigning forever. (Luke 1:33)

The Messianic Israel Alliance is Not a 2 House organization!

I ask this because I never liked being called “Two House.” I dislike the title because it was made popular by someone who copied our teachings and then added some terrible errors. I would love to be able to escape that negative association. Beyond that, I see an absolute irony in the way the title was picked up and is now often used by people who reject the truth about the restoration of Ephraim and Judah. Every time I hear us being labeled as “Two House,” I feel like it is an incorrect, unsuitable name, one that does not describe us – or our ultimate goal – but it instead well describes those who oppose the truth of Scripture that we teach!

I have been studying and tailoring The Return of the King for years.  It began as an inspirational study (led by the Lord) to identify the Remnant of Israel in the prophets.  As Paul states in Romans 11, there is a remnant of Israel even today.  And as the angel said in Luke 1:33 about Yeshua, that he would sit on the throne of David and reign over the house of Israel forever.

As you read the prophets we see that this King would be assembling the dispersed of Israel and gathering them in their own land to be King over them, and the world.

I find the Messianic Israel Alliance to be proclaiming these truths.  Much to my huge surprise.

And beauty of all this is, I do not change a thing!  I believe as I have believed all along.  I simply found a common voice in those I once held at arms length.  Who knew?  Not I, but I do now.


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7 comments on “One House Theology?

  1. David Shimshon
    June 20, 2012

    Wow, this post was painful to produce. I wrote it out 3 times before it published. The first one was best, you all lost out. At least I can fight with them for the identification of ‘One House’ theology. The House of Redeemed Israel. I believe, I do I do….. God will resurrect Israel and place insider her a new heart and spirit. And we will dwell on the mountains of Israel as servants to the King! In the New World!……..


  2. Charles
    June 20, 2012

    David you and I have talked about this before in the past so I see no need to repeat all that, but only want to emphasize that the two house theology is very dispensational and as such does violence to the Gospel. There is one God, one means of salvation one kingdom of God. The covenants within all that are numerous and specific to various people times and places but each hold authority only in those specific situations. We live in the New Covenant and have a Gospel that has gone out to all, Jews and Gentiles alike. We all enter the one Kingdom through the one and only door. No back door and no executive passes for anyone. Aint it just so simple when you toss the Dispensationalist doctrine out of the mix? Ha!


  3. David Shimshon
    June 20, 2012

    Charles, where did I say I believed in 2 house theology? My point of this blog was to identify that what I found written on the MIA website ‘about the redeemed of Israel, the remnant’ is something I myself have believed for a long time.

    I started reading and went huh? ??? I believe this? In fact I have blogs about this!! ???

    So I wanted to share that, to see if I’m not loosing my marbles, Charles.

    Seems to me that MIA has it right, If what I read was real. So I linked it for you. Read it, then read The Return of the King and tell me we aren’t seeing the same thing. ??


  4. David Shimshon
    June 20, 2012

    This was one of the things that drew me back into a sort of relapse of Torah observance when I was on my way out. The understanding that God will redeem physical Israel in the new earth.

    The prophets spoke about the remnant of Israel being filled with the Spirit of God as they are gathered into their own land. Again. This is what The Return of the King is all about.

    The adversary had one last hook in me before it finally ripped free. If this was all true, then there must have been a way to identify who was Israel. Why, those who observe Torah of course. (sarcasm)

    So as that hook was ripped out of my flesh, I started to return to these prophecies about the remnant. They describe a born again Israel. I thought, who is being regathered? Spirit filled sons of Abraham!

    All who came and were thirsty.

    The point of contention I see, is who are they? Israel by DNA? or the Israel of God by Faith. (why yes batman)

    So, that leads one to the conclusion that the redeemed of Israel are not so much chosen by DNA but by Faith in Messiah. Some are Israel by DNA, of Abraham, but both are Israel by Faith.

    MIA pretty much states that the DNA does not matter, and I agree. Though I had questioned that, I don’t any longer.

    I left the Christian end times rapture sideshow a long time ago, and now I have released the idea of Messianic Judaism where all become Jews by observance through Faith to live in the new kingdom forever doing the law of Moses….???? hurts head.

    But I’ve still been questioning God about it all throughout. It’s like he’s leading me to something through it all. Not there yet, but I can see i’m on the same path. Every time I take a detour I wind up back on track… the Kingdom of Messianic Israel.

    I know Charles, 2 house. But when you read what happened to them I just have to understand. As I’ve seen it all before. You claim a truth and the enemy comes in and sits next to you appearing like you but leading people to the opposite direction.

    Reminds me of a forum I was banned from. Redefining the term Messianic Judaism to their liking, and to others exclusion. Well they can have the movement of ‘Jewish’ Messianism.

    I want the kingdom of God promised by the prophets. Nothing more, nothing less. And that is what I am trying to convey. That which was handed down by the prophets, and fulfilled in Messiah Yeshua.


  5. Charles
    June 20, 2012

    Whoa David! Ha!, A misunderstanding my brother. I was not saying you were 2 house, in fact you and I stood together against this in the past. I just didn’t want to get myself all fired up to get up on the stump about it. I just wanted to say that there is this root problem with a lot of these teachings which is the ultra dispensational position. It has almost become a sort of litmus test for doctrine for me that if you have these barriers of dispensations then there is usually something very twisted in the doctrine. Take for example the very popular pretrib rapture theology. It requires a division of time and authorities that simply isn’t there. It also does violence to the Gospel and the teachings of the prophets including the disciples and Yeshua. You and I are as usual, on the same page on this. The only reason I had alarm about MIA or MJA or any of them a while back was due to the open hostilities and proclamations they were all making. Just didn’t seem to be buttered in brotherly love and patience you know?


  6. Charles
    June 20, 2012

    In reference to you post above 3:46PM. Certainly. The test is by the template right. Who was true Israel? Let’s go back to Abraham and his sons, his Torah-less sons. Yes all pre-Moshe and pre-law. They were Israel through faith whether natural born or adopted or as faithful servants who made a choice to be part of this wonderful family of God.It was the same in the New testament times. Both Jews and Gentiles were saved and were filled with God’s spirit. The Legalistic Jews tried to push for the necessary Gentile conversion which through a series of rituals and oaths and finished through a Mikvah and circumcision the gentile received a sort of DNA reassignment, a new ethnicity, and was considered in every way a New born Jew and therefore entitled to the only way a man could be saved (by their understanding) which was to become a Jew. But God demonstrated that conversion, circumcision and all that meant nothing in regard to salvation and who was part of this faithful Israel and who would also take part in the covenants of promise. It has always been only a matter of faith, just as it was for Abraham. Abraham was a Gentile too, a man from Erridu in Sumer, son of Terah a high priest to the Pagan Gods of Sumeria. God saw Abraham’s desire to know the truth and his faith in what God was telling him and counted it as all that was needed. It’s all we need today. And in living with the spirit in us, the Torah written on our inward parts we do in fact fulfill what the Law was directing us to.


  7. Charles
    August 10, 2012

    David and Angela. Have not heard from you in some time. Waasup? You guys OK?


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