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A romanticized view of Hebrew/Jewish life

imagesI’ve heard it said many times that Messianic congregations have a majority of gentiles.  And that most of them came out of the  of  the charismatic movement.  And so, they have dragged with them the spiritual habits en-grained from their previous life.

Using tallis and shofar’s as a vehicle to carry the anointing of God.  Belief that there is an anointing that comes forth when the shofar is blown. That it is Gods voice that comes forth through the shofar.

What we are mainly dealing with here is a romanticized view of Hebrew/Jewish life, mostly from charismatic Christians. Many are/were disillusioned within their current/former denominational beliefs and are seeking a new wave of God’s Spirit. The Toronto type revivals of the past and moves of God they experienced have faded, and now they are finding a new move of God ‘outside’ the Church. Found in the lives of my fathers. And have fallen in love with all things Hebrew/Jewish.

The progressive stage of this romance is to step out of Christianity all together and start seem themselves as Jewish. And so hijack the established Messianic Judaism of my fathers. A movement founded on the revival of Jewish people. A revival based in Jewish people coming to saving Faith in Messiah Yeshua. Not about Gentile people coming to observance to Torah commands given Yisrael.

What I see here is another charismatic view of a Hebrew tradition. A romanticized view of how God moves through his children. And like many who have fallen in love with someone for the first time, they are awed at the very presence of it. But they are missng the TREE for the forest. They seem to want to be Romans because they are in Rome.

It will be until they have let the relationship with this view run it’s course. And like the old ‘rain’ that they grew tired of and left for greener pastures, they will come to an end with this romantic view of Judaism. Or become entrenched in another movement just like the one they left.

I’ve been dealing with this issue for years upon years. One year, for about a year it actually sucked me in too. But thanks to Ted Pearce being a willing vessel of God. I was readjusted back to my former self and strengthened by the experience to firmly speak the Word of God as given the disciples.

I was born with a gentile mother, raised reform, wandered aimlessly as most secular Jews do till Yeshua found me. Even still I did not become Christian. But seeking brothers in Messiah I found myself fellowshipping with them. And trying to find where I fit in the body of Messiah. No church seemed like home. I even did the baptism in a big southern baptist congregation. But it wasn’t for me. My relationship with God was always one on one, and these places, even though some mentioned this, did not really live that out. They all placed their own ‘traditions’ as the way to this one on one relationship. That didn’t fool me because I already knew God one on one without ‘their’ ways.

So there I was stuck in the middle of Christianity and Judaism, as every Messianic Jew is. A Jew who becomes a new creation in Messiah Yeshua. Not Jewish by tradition, not Christian neither. And then I got married, to a Christian. A pentecostal holy fire charismatic Christian. LOL yep.

So I entertained her traditions and we started to attend Vineyard congregations. Whoooooooooooooo whoo….let the fire fall, and the gold dust. And the oil, and the prophetic dancing and marching. Latter rain, Toronto, Bob Jones, the terroooorrrr of the Looorrd~~

Yep, I pulled her out of that after I dived in to save her. There was one thing God was teaching me then, ‘my presence is real, and it is powerfully inside you’. Amen.

In a year I had confronted the pastor about all his false teaching, and we left. They married us too. oy I made them marry us under a huppa and had a ‘real’ MESSIanic Hebrew marriage. Cross in Star ring and all, smash glass (good name for a band no? )

It was then that I ran smack dab into Messianic Judaism. Realizing I was a Jew who believed in Messiah since 18 I realized ‘I’ was a Messianic Jew. And started to embrace the movement. Which back then consisted of other Jews who found the freedom in Messiah’s Words. A true Jewish revival.

But as this movement grew I noticed more and more Christians coming out of the failed Charismatic movement and making a home in the Messianic movement. Started with the Jesus movement of the 70’s. But took 30 yrs to culminate in what we no see as ‘Messianic Judaism’, ala Gentile Torah observance.

I came through this, so as to be aware of it and help others understand it. In my experience, the Messianic movement of today is where all those who came out of this charismania have flocked to. They have hijacked a Jewish revival and turned it into a RE’new’ed revival of charismatic proportions. Fits right in with the likes of the latter day rain, and the New army of God. They are being fooled again, with the same lies, only this time they are draping themselves in the Torah given through Moses. And some even go further and embrace all Talmud as inspired, more than the New Testament.

All this because they romanticize all that is Hebrew/Jewish, because they have fallen in love.  Not with Messiah, and his Words.  But with the view of Messiah in the 1st century.  If he lived under the law, by God I will too!!

Let’s pray for those who have believed the lie, that there is another way to please God outside of following His Son.  Who has not lead them to this way of life, but calls them to follow Him, in all ways, in all days.  May they have their hearts broken, and their eyes opened.  As all His children experience.  Amen

Rest and Peace in Messiah


About Shimshon

Humility is the beginning of ones relationship with God, or the reminder of it's existence...... LOVE ~ Life's Only Valuable Emotion

6 comments on “A romanticized view of Hebrew/Jewish life

  1. Kathy
    June 15, 2012

    “and the gold dust. And the oil…” You experienced these things? I’ve heard people talking about things like that on tv and have wondered about them. Some people seem to have some pretty amazing experiences – like having gold dust fall on them or being covered in oil. But I heard someone on tv talking about how they ended up down on the floor barking like a dog and I wondered why God would make someone do something like that.


    • Shimshon
      June 15, 2012

      Yes, I have experienced these things and done them first hand. Bark…lol no. There was a lady in our service who would make a shrill sound then point her finger up in the air to God. Scared me half the time. Yet, her husband would be catching a snooze next to her at the same time. oy

      We fellowshipped with a Vineyard congregation in Portland for a year or more. Oh the stories Kathy. This pastor put a jar of oil on his podium stand, for weeks. It was supposed to ‘increase’….. week after week, it did not, increase. We were told of angels flying around us, so that we started to look for feathers. LMAO!! It’s Oregon….people where down coats….. I would stare at the floor and find all kinds of glitter….oOOOOOHHHH Angel dust. Left from the children’s activities!

      We shouted…sang….blew the shofar. Once in a small group meeting I shouted with the conviction of the Lord and the circuit breaker tripped, lights out. That made me think.

      We were on the floor for over 45 min rolling and laughing uncontrollably. We had prophetic ministers prophesy over ….everyone but us. hhmmmMMM????

      The worship, OUTSTANDING! then again, i’m an aging hippy child.

      My wife, she’s been to Toronto and Brownsville as they were occurring. She saw the barking and the very crazy stuff you heard about. She used to be ‘hit in the stomach’ when the Spirit would move. hhhhhwwwooooooo Me, I just davened through the whole ordeal.

      Just like when I came to my senses with Torah observance, I was at a moment then where I knew I was not a ‘Christian’, as I did not believe like any denomination I ever saw. I was happy to resort to my Jewish roots. It was after this church that we left for Messianic congregations.


  2. Kathy
    June 16, 2012

    I think I would be scared in a church like that!
    It’s interesting to read your story, Shimshon. You’ve walked a long path!


  3. Charles
    June 16, 2012

    Romanticism is certainly in play. But I think there is also another facet to this that grows out of a sense of betrayal by the church.

    For centuries (Might I say Millennia) the church that survived Roman persecution and was established as the Roman Christian church and all of its various off shoots have lived in a world of it’s own making, doctrine of it’s own design all based on a mixture of stories about Christ, misunderstanding about the vestment of spiritual authority and pagan myths from ancient times.

    Once people became educated enough to discover the word for themselves these errors became a glaring offense to any God-fearing believer. So that attitude began to spread that ” Why follow a religion ABOUT Jesus when you can be a part of the religion OF Jesus”. The feeling was that a move back to Judaism was a move away from the lies of the Christian church and a giant step back into fundamental truth as the disciples learned it from the Lord.

    However the truth is that the Church of the Disciples was something new, a faith in transition from extreme legalism and a perversion of the intent of Gods Torah, to a new life as a new creature living a new rejuvenated life occupying and living out the “Kingdom of God”. What was lost it seems was the Gospel of the Kingdom.

    The church got the basics of salvation through faith but then loaded it down with human order of priests, enchantments, rituals that tried to make physical a deep spiritual truth that could only be realized through rebirth in the spirit. “This Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world…” To put it in a nut-shell, the Kingdom is Messiah in you.

    It is like Jeremiah said of the new covenant which IS the Kingdom, “No man will say to another know the Lord, for every man shall know him (ME) from the greatest to the smallest… for I will write my Torah (instructions) upon their inward parts.” )my paraphrase). You see when we are born again filled with the spirit we have unity because the Spirit teaches us all truth and we know who God is and take his instruction into us, and so the need for an organized religion to teach others to know the Lord, which ends up being another cult or denomination, is no longer there. It is outmoded just like the old system of priests and sacrifices. The became antiquated and passed away. The priests entire duty can be summed up as intersessory persons who perform temporary atonement through animal sacrifice.

    We have a greater priest who has finished all that once of all that being Yeshua ha Mashiach. YES! And it was finished, done. There is no returning to the old way. Now there is only life in the Kingdom which IS living in unity through the Spirit of God who dwells in us as the gift of God through Messiahs sacrifice. Is there more to come? Yes in every way because not all the world has entered into this relationship. In fact the vast majority of those who claim to be followers have not even cracked the door open on the Kingdom but instead still wallow about in the mud of the world outside.

    But be encouraged that a day approaches when every eye will see Him in the clouds and know that Yeshua is the Lord and those who rejected him will beg the rocks to cover and hide them from the face of the one on the thrown, for they know for a certainty that the time of Gods wrath, his retribution has come and the open doors to the Kingdom will be sealed shut until all that is contrary to God is cleansed from the Earth.


  4. Vessel of God
    June 18, 2012

    There is a big problem wherever you go mainstream Christianity or Messianic Congregations, they are different problems manifested by the same spirit I feel. There is a desire to know God, but to know Him through ‘tools’ and ‘traditions’, much of the knowledge is passed down knowledge with people adding to it as they go on to fit in with their era and community. This is where false teaching comes in and what will make the work of the false messiah so much easier to accomplish, simply because Believers do not know their God intimately.

    Yes, many people are fleeing mainstream Christian churches, many non-Jews are running with outstretched arms into Messianic Congregations if they can find them and then falling bondage to the spirit of legalism and in using tools to make them feel included. I attended a messianic congregation with my husband, this is a new one after a spirit of legalism forced us to leave our previous fellowship over a year ago. There are mostly non-Jews here, the emphasis of the church is on the Torah (as in the Old Covenant Laws), I feel that most people will adopt many of these laws and place themselves under a curse just because it’s impossible to fulfil them. I see this already in the Sabbath day, how people have adopted the Sabbath to the very letter without any idea of what it really means. This is bad, the only solution here is to develop a one-on-one relationship with God and to be taught directly from the Holy Spirit, not the pastor or rabbi.


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