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Without faith it is impossible

Matthew 5:18 For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished.

Why must others misuse this verse sooooo.

God spoke to all the faithful, he instructed them (gave them Torah) in many ways. Moshe seems to be the most detailed of instructions. It was given for a purpose, place and time. “when you enter the land I promised”  This Torah also spoke of a time when it would be broken, by the people AND by God, because they did not “keep faith” with God and his covenant.

Nothing in Torah is abolished when we state the ‘old’ is completed and the ‘new’ has began. This new was spoken from the beginning. And we are told that this ‘old’ Torah given to Moshe in no way nullifies the ‘promise’ given earlier to Avraham. That EVERYONE who ‘believes’, has faith in Yeshua, would be saved and called children of God.ALL Torah pointed and lead to Yeshua the Messiah, and FAITH was at it’s core. Faith in the salvation that comes from God. Not only in a part of the message that commanded a people in a certain time to be a certain way.  EVERY yud and stroke of the Torah speaks of FAITH in Yeshua.

Habakkuk 2:3 For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end–it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.

The ‘appointed time; it speaks of the end, and does not lie.

Just like Moshe and the part of the Torah given to him had it’s ‘appointed time’ so too does the Good News given by Yeshua, promised from the begining.

Yet, are we going to take ONE verse and add it to another thus change the whole message?

Leviticus 18:5 You shall therefore keep my statutes and my rules; if a person does them, he shall live by them: I am the LORD.


Matthew 5:18 For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished.

Well, It may take a while, but wait for it; it will surely come, it will not delay. “Look at the proud: he is inwardly not upright; but the righteous will attain life through trusting faithfulness.

FAITH was the message THROUGHOUT Torah. Faith is the breath, the Ruach that flows through it’s being. Without Faith your observances were MEANINGLESS. And to observe things that were once given at their appointed time but now fulfilled in the life and resurrection of Yeshua is as faithless as it gets. IMHO

Yeshua came and spoke the Good News that he prepared from the begining and many are NOT believing it (faithless), not believing that he came as our ETERNAL Cohen HaGadol, replacing the shadow with the light. Fulfilling EVERY word within Torah, every Yud and stroke. That FAITH would attain the righteousness of his children. THROUGH the seed given to Avraham, Yitzak, Ya’akov, and Moshe. This seed of faith came ‘through’ all promises and covenants. Faith IS the heart of Torah. Without Faith it is impossible to please God. (Heb 11:6)

I have faith that; He was manifested physically and proved righteous spiritually, seen by angels and proclaimed among the nations, trusted throughout the world and raised up in glory to heaven.

My faith is in what HE did and does for me/us. I don’t believe he came to make it possible to ‘legalistically observe” the Torah mitzvot as defined to those given the physical land of Yisrael in their time. He didn’t make it possible for US to walk the ‘shadow’ out perfectly, he came and did that himself, so we could live in the ‘light’, in Truth. He did not come to make the whole world ‘Jewish’. (and I am of Jewish blood) He came to make the whole world “children of God”. It happened ‘through’ the Torah. It was patterned and shadowed in the mitzvot given Moshe to Yisrael when they entered the land promised. Now we have a ‘more perfect word’ given to us. Namely Yeshua HaMoshiach, Torat HaChayim. Who came to bring FAITH to the world. Because Yisrael had broken it. But that was planned. Like the breaking of the sheath of grain, or the cracking of the seed as it’s life springs forth, so it can grow into a huge tree. How can a tree grow if you place the seed covering on it? As if this were even possible. The empty sheath does not fit the ever growing sprout that grows 100’s of times larger than the seed ever was.

Faith, the Good News, IS the core, the meaning of Torah. It’s goal, it’s reason for existing. EVERY Yud and stroke is being accomplished when ‘the righteous live by Faith’. Faith in what Yeshua accomplished, not that he made YOU able to accomplish Torah mitzvot that only he could do by his life and resurrection. But by doing so he made YOU able to receive the GOAL of Torah. Faith that leads to life. Not completed mitzvot.


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12 comments on “Without faith it is impossible

  1. Charles Ryalls
    December 15, 2011

    An example that fits your teacing here David; I always try to keep the Moedim, the appointed times of YHVH. However they can not be kept as he gave them because we do not live in the land and there is no temple. Moreover the thing these things pointed to was Messiah Yeshua. So any kind of observance I might try to do has to be either memorial looking back at his completed work, or prophetic looking forward to the things he is yet to do connected with the second coming. I could never bring myself to keep Yom Kippur by fasting and afflicting myself. Nothing I do can affect my place with God. Only faith in the one he sent is effective. That one is Yeshua. My faith is in him and not in keeping Moedim or observing Mitzvot.


    • Shimshon
      December 19, 2011

      Correct, you nor I can keep them as God gave them. This is a core issue I have with the One Law doctrine. It has Yeshua on one hand giving us the Spirit to observe the law, and on the other hand removing that which was needed to accomplish the observances.

      They have faith that the Spirit given them (through faith) will cause them to observe a law that has been made invalid by the desolation of the land (lack of God’s full presence), and the removal of the people the law was given to. Meaning, the land and the people are laid waste. Brought low till the day of redemption. And even then, we will not think of the ark nor make one again, nor memorialize the salvation out of Egypt, but the world.

      Amen brother, our faith is in the One who God sent into the world. Our savior, our redeemer. Nothing else, no one else. We are saved and redeemed to do good works that he gives us. We are the book he is writing.


      • Marc
        January 8, 2012

        Ok Shimson this is all well and good now. Yeshua said Father seeks those who will worship Him in Spirit. This is in relation to the Him prophesying the Temple being destroyed.

        However God also said in Deut 30 that Israel after Israel is gathered from all corners of the Earth into the Land that Israel ‘will fulfill ALL that He commanded THIS day’. What day? When Moses spoke it.

        1-God regatheres Israel
        2-God circumcises Israel’s heart so that they will Love the Lord(believers)
        3- Israel will listen to the voice of the Lord, and fulfill all His commandments, which I command you this day.


      • Marc
        January 9, 2012

        Hi Shimshon you keep bringing up the One Law doctrine but with all due respect I think you’re applying it wrong. One Law doctrine is Jews and non Jews are to ‘keep’ the Law. ‘One Law for the native and stranger’. The stranger is to keep the Law in the same manner as a native born.


      • Shimshon
        January 9, 2012


        So, I’m curious how you justify Jeremiah 3:16 with Deuteronomy 30:2-3, 8, 10?

        Jeremiah says the Lord declared that when ‘those days’ came for us to be reestablished in the Land we would not even think of ‘the ark of the Lords covenant’.

        Jer 3:16 In those days, when your numbers have increased greatly in the land,” declares the LORD, “men will no longer say, ‘The ark of the covenant of the LORD.’ It will never enter their minds or be remembered; it will not be missed, nor will another one be made.

        You can’t forget about the ‘ark’ without forgetting about what the ark represented, the covenant.

        Not to mention, making the ark and keeping the covenant it represented was part in parcel of what was commanded that ‘day’. No?

        So I’m very interested in your understanding in regards to Jeremiah 3:16.

        How can you obey the commandments in the Book of the law, when we are commanded not to? Jeremiah has the Lord declaring that in the days of our return men will NO LONGER refer to the ark of the covenant of the Lord. Moses has the Lord declaring that in those days we will obey all the commands written in the Book of the law, of which include making and remembering the ark of the covenant of the Lord.

        How have you come to terms with this, Marc?

        Thank my friend.


      • Marc
        January 9, 2012

        Hi in the same way you won’t tell your neighbor to know the Lord, all will Know Him.

        First I never said or implied that His death and resurrection accomplished believers to keep Torah.

        Did Deut 30 come to pass? Why did the Jewish believers continue to keep the commands even after Yeshua’s ressurection. Keeping Torah or not keeping Torah has nothing to do with His salvation in Yeshua.

        Not remembering the ark is the same as we won’t remember how to sin.


      • Marc
        January 9, 2012

        Also I addressed Deut 30 in which you addressed with other scripture.

        Have you come to terms with Deut 30, I have come to terms with Jer text you posted.



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  5. Shimshon
    January 9, 2012

    Thank you Marc,

    So, in the same way we don’t tell our neighbor to know the Lord. We know, that in order for this to be true there has to be a ‘new covenant’ that is not like the one made with our fathers, that by default makes the previous one ‘old’, obsolete, and ready to vanish way. Hebrews 8:11-13

    If nobody is going to need to know about the ark because it is now placed within us, why are we still commanded to build one and remember it? Or operate the temple it is housed in?

    Or are you saying that you see a redefining of ‘how’ we are to observe ‘all’ those commands Moshe commanded by the Lord that ‘day’?

    I believe I understand your position on gentile Torah observance. I believe we agree on that point.

    Obviously Deut. 30 has not happened yet, as we are not living in the Land with Spirit filled hearts, and Yeshua is not ruling from there.

    The apostles observed the law because they were in the middle period of transition. They were born under the law, and as freedom in Messiah brought down the physical representation of the law it left them standing through the fire, through the destruction as God was cleaning his temple and his land. The only thing left standing was the Faithful in Messiah.

    Why were they commanded to observe all the laws of Moses if they were sent into the nations where they could not possible observe it the way it was commanded that day at Horeb, or as reaffirmed in Moab?

    Not remembering the ark means we are not observing the commandments the Lord gave at Horeb.

    In fact, the Torah’s sole purpose was for us to ‘remember our sins’ and do them no more.

    If we now, through the Torah given through Yeshua, have no sins to remember, for he remembers them no more, even after cleaning us over again 100 times, Then how is it we remember the Torah ‘of sin and death’?

    Romans 8:2 Why? Because the Torah of the Spirit, which produces this life in union with Messiah Yeshua, has set me free from the “Torah” of sin and death.

    The Torah Yeshua spoke, that produces live in union with Messiah through the indwelling of the Spirit, has set me free from he Torah Moshe spoke, that produced a life of remembering our sins through the Torah given at Horeb.

    The word that is not too hard to do, is to love the Lord your God with all our heart, soul and strength, and other as ourselves. This is the Word that is carved upon our hearts, that causes us to do the works of the Spirit within us, in the nations we are sent.


    • Marc
      January 9, 2012

      First there is the law of sin and death which isn’t the Torah. The commands of God weren’t created as laws of sin and death, God forbid. Yes the purpose of the Torah is to revive sin because no matter how much we try we fall short of the glory of God.

      We agree that Deut 30 hasn’t happened yet however God through Moses said Israel will do all that He commanded this day, this day as in when God through Moses spoke. All one has to do is read what God through Moses commanded that day.

      So if Deut hasn’t happened yet God is pretty clear after all these things come to pass that Israel will obey His Voice and do all that He commanded this day most importantly Deut 18:15.

      The apostles and all the Jewish believers kept the Torah because the Temple was still present and didn’t God command Israel that they should keep the commands anyway? Before our Lords death and resurrection Jews were keeping the commands. The most wonderful and awesome event God sending His only begotten Son, didn’t change Jews keeping the commands.

      There’s no question that God is going to gather Israel , He will circumcise Israel’s hearts(believers), and Israel will obey His Coice and do all that He commanded this day. I believe God when He says we(I am a Jew) will do ALL that He commanded this day.

      What is the Gospel? The Husband died so that He could marry His bride Israel again. The beginning of the dawning of the age as Mark Nanos puts it, the beginning of the restoration of the Kingdom of Israel. The disciples asked when will the Kingdom be restored to Israel? That’s the big picture.

      However there isn’t the Temple and Yeshua said Father seeks those that worship Him in Spirit and in truth. But if there was a Temple, Yeshua being King, you can bet your bottom dollar that I would ‘do all that He commanded this day’. This isn’t a detriment to salvation, it is what it is.

      Why did the early believers still keep the commands even after our Lord’s ressurection? Because they were in a transition or because they were Jews and ‘that’s what Jews do’?


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