The Messianic Way


The Drop Of A Dime

One day as I stood waiting for the MAX in Portland I noticed a coin shimmering in the morning sun under a bench.  As I looked more I could notice it was a dime by size and color.  Normally, I would have walked over and picked it up.  However, a man was sitting on the bench so I hesitated.  A thought came to my mind how my grandfather would have pointed out the dime to the man, and let him have it.  I thought of doing this but struggled with it at first.

Thoughts flooded my head about how it’s only a dime, and even more about just keeping to myself and forgetting the whole thing.  But then, having been reminded by the Spirit within me how these thoughts were not of God.  Abba showed me how He was presenting me with a blessing.  To bless someone else and myself, not only by mearly pointing it out and offering it to him, but by showing the man that someone would offer it rather than just take it.  Abba also at this point showed me that He was giving me something small to work with, and reminded me of the lesson about being given something small before you can be trusted with something big.

So having reasoned with the Spirit in me, I accepted Abba’s leading and walked over and told the man that there was a dime under his seat and offered it to him.  But to my surprise he said “no”!  I said “you don’t want a dime?”  I was confused by his lack of interest to just lean over and pick it up, but he again said “no”.  So, I walked around and picked it up.  Abba said, “See, and you thought you were giving something away!” I thought, “how awesome”, not only did Abba show the man that someone was willing to give rather than take.  He also blessed me with the dime…..and Sooooo much more.

I love you Yeshua!!


About Shimshon

Humility is the beginning of ones relationship with God, or the reminder of it's existence...... LOVE ~ Life's Only Valuable Emotion

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