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The Mountain

The Mountain by Angela Shimshon

Far behind the holes of our beginnings we have been blessed with the Spirit of God. Having been redeemed from the holes of dark despair we have been presented with the task to climb His Holy Mountain.  So that were he is we shall be also.                Lema’an Tziyon (For the sake of Zion) David Shimshon

Standing at the bottom of a very large mountain you have just been challenged to climb to the top, where you believe you will find your hearts desires, wisdom and riches beyond your imagination.  With a backpack on, you are ready and determined to attain the goal.  As you begin to climb, you notice some unusual rocks on the mountain.  So you stop to pick one up and examine it.  You find that this rock has a word written on it.  It says, “Childhood”.  As you hold on to this rock you feel a sense of innocence.  Memories flood your mind of days long gone.  Some are happy memories and some of the memories are filled with sadness, but all of these memories are about you.  So you put this rock in your backpack ensuring the memories will be preserved.  You continue to climb.  The sun is warm and the climb is slow. You wonder how long this climb will take.  Another rock catches your eye.  This rock is a little bigger than the other one.  As you examine it you notice a word written on this one too.  The word says “Family”.  Many memories come into bloom as you begin to hold on to this rock . You realize it’s been along time since you actually felt anything for your family. You’ve been so busy with your own life, that there just hasn’t been much time for anyone anymore. You miss the closeness of family, so again you place the rock in your backpack, and return to the climb.You are getting hot and tired, and the mountain gets so steep at times.  You grab for a rock that you think is solid, but it crumbles and you slip and fall.  As you fall you cut your knee on a very sharp rock and cry out in pain.  You pick up the sharp rock and a hot stream of anger flows through your body.  You are about to throw the rock off the mountainside, but you notice a carved word.  This word says “Regrets”.  You know all the pain this rock has caused you, but you also realize the lessons you have learned from it.  This rock seems important to hold on to, So, you place the rock in your backpack along with the other rocks and resume the climb.

You’re climbing higher and higher.   Eventually, you notice a beautiful eagle soaring even farther above you in the sky, and you wish you could be like that eagle.  Soaring free with no mountains to climb.  You long for it’s freedom to fly as you stare at the rocks in front of you.  You start to despise them thinking, “There is no freedom here”.

As you climb higher on up the mountain you notice even larger rocks with words written on them.  One rock says “Friends” and the other rock says “Jobs”.  Both of these rocks hold great importance to you, so you place them in your backpack too.  By now you realize your pack is getting quite heavy and the weight is beginning to hurt your back.  You try and straighten up for some relief, but you loose your balance.  Slipping and falling, bleeding from yet another cut on your leg.  Your hands are becoming all scrapped up, and your hip is bruised.  More pain.  This climb is getting quite frustrating, but you’re not about to give up now.  You are so close to the top.

Again you get up, climbing higher and higher.  More rocks are picked up and placed in your backpack.  Each rock significant and holding purpose in your life.  Some hold your goals and dreams.  Some hold failures and sorrows.  Others hold memories of good times and bad.  But ALL of the rocks represent you.  So they are ALL put in the backpack.

The load on your back is almost too much to endure.  But, you are determined to carry these rocks to the top with you.  The climb is very hard.  The sun keeps getting hotter, and you are in much pain.  But, higher and higher you climb.  Bruised and bleeding, you want to cry.

Finally, you reach the top.  You pull yourself up and shake off the dirt.  You’ve made it!  Now you stand in awe of the beauty that surrounds you.  The air is crisp and clean, and the sky a brilliant blue.  You feel relief and joy and even some pride, because you climbed to the top without any help at all.  You did it “all” by yourself.  You can still see that eagle soaring , but now it’s below you. There is so much beauty. It’s hard to believe that you actually made it to the top. But for some reason you still feel an emptiness inside.

Everything is so perfect, but you are not.  You begin to wonder.  Where are all the wisdom and riches beyond your wildest imaginations?  Is this all there is!  You feel disappointment begin to overcome you.  You’re wondering, “How could this be happening on top of a mountain?”  Very tired and beginning to feel the throbbing pain in your leg, you start to doubt.  Why did you climb this mountain anyway!  Discouragement, hopelessness and bitterness now take root in your mind.  As you sit down on the ground you just want to sleep it all away.  Soon you start to drift into a restless sleep.

A few seconds, maybe minutes or hours pass.  Then you are awoken.  There is a chill in the air now.  The sun has disappeared, the wind is changing and there are storm clouds rolling in.  You sense something is changing.  Even the sky is changing colors from brilliant blue to a crimson red.  Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles the mountain.  You want to hide, but where?  Fear grips your heart.  Thinking your going to die, you feel helpless as a little child.  The wind blows hard, it’s dark and tears are running down your face.  You’re crying out in pain and fear.  Desperately you scream.

Suddenly, you hear a voice calling you.  You listen intently but the wind is very powerful.  You think to yourself, “I must be loosing my mind.  It’s only the wind calling”.  But, you hear the voice again.  You realize now it’s not the wind it’s a voice!  But who is calling and where is it coming from?  It sounds so familiar, but you can’t remember where you’ve heard it before or who’s voice it is.  You can place no face to this voice.  So you wait.  It calls out to you again and this time you answer.  “Yes, I’m here!”  As the voice calls, thunder rumbles and the mountain shakes.  You begin to recognize the voice and you can’t deny it.  It’s time to respond.  You cry out again, “Yes, I’m here, Lord help me!”

All of a sudden the winds stop and the mountain is quiet.  Everything is silent. It’s almost unsettling. You hear the voice whisper “Lay down your rocks and come.”  There is such an awesome power in this voice.  A direction  has been given and now you have to choose.  Listen and obey, or ignore and reject.  The choice is yours to make.  All this can end here and now.  You can go back down the mountain the way you came, living your life the way you want.  Or, you could keep going.  The decision is yours.  The unknown is waiting.

You choose.  And as you begin to take out some of the rocks from your backpack and pile them on the ground you begin to feel the relief of the extra weight coming of your back.  You feel your strength starting to return.  Having listened and obeyed you start to feel good about yourself, but not completely.  Then the voice speaks again, “Lay down ALL of your rocks, lay down everything!”  You are hesitant still wanting to hold on to some of your rocks because they hold so many memories.  It’s painful and you can’t seem to let go of them.  You begin to wonder, how can anyone sacrifice their own life for the unknown? There’s alot of fear, but, you finally lay down the rest of your rocks out of obedience and respect.  You realize the pile of rocks is not worth it, as they hold more pain and death than joy and life.

The heavy load is completely off and you sense true freedom and joy.  Then the voice calls out, “Come.”  Suddenly, two very large hands emerge from the dark storm clouds and reach out to you. The Large hands are just beyond the edge of the mountain cliff. They are strong and powerful but yet they are gentle and loving hands.  These hands are beckoning you to “Come”.  But there is only one thing you have yet to do before you are able to get to those hands.   That is to jump!  Another choice.  Do you jump off the mountain to your death, or do you jump and believe that the hands will catch you?  Fear is gripping your heart and the voice is calling.  The hands are open and it’s your decision.  What can you loose?  Everything or nothing?  You stand at the edge feeling insecure.  You wish you were an eagle and could fly away.  The choice waits.  Your stomach is full of knots.  What is there to loose now? With your eyes closed you silently pray, “Lord, help me.”  You take a step forward and you JUMP!

Instantly, the powerful hands catch you from falling.  You are now being lifted up high above the clouds.  You are able to see clearly now and a new revelation is revealed to you.  You see your Fathers face, glorious and shining with love.  His eyes are full of compassion.  He embraces you close to His heart.  Each beat from His heart expresses eternal love for you.  You have finally found your hearts desires.  There is so much peace and comfort in His embrace.  You love being held so close to Him and you adore Him with overwhelming passion and honor.  This is your heavenly Father.

He then points to the mountaintop where you once stood.  As you look you notice your pile of rocks where you left them.  But now they appear to you in a different light.  You see them as your Father sees them.  You recognize them as an alter of sacrifice.  The Lord speaks a word and suddenly lightning strikes the alter and fire consumes the rocks.  Nothing is left but ashes.  Amazed you realize the rocks were never really worth anything.  All of your striving, worries, anxieties and fears vanish and you feel a sense of freedom like you’ve never known before.  Overwhelming joy.

The Lord now directs you towards another Mountain off in the distance.  So close yet so far away.  Smaller mountains surround this Glorious Mountain.  There is a canopy of Glory that covers the whole Mountain.  It is beautiful beyond description.  With power, riches and wisdom beyond imagination.  Tears start forming in your Fathers eyes as He smiles at you and whispers in your ear:

“This is the Mountain of the Lord.  This is Mt. Zion.”

This is your inheritance.  Well done good and faithful servant.”

Isaiah 2:2 In the last days the mountain of the Lord’s temple will be established as chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills, and all nations will stream to it.

Revelation and Vision:  given by the Lord Yeshua
Written by: Angela Shimshon            April 20, 2001

About Shimshon

Humility is the beginning of ones relationship with God, or the reminder of it's existence...... LOVE ~ Life's Only Valuable Emotion

2 comments on “The Mountain

  1. Terrence Woy
    January 3, 2012

    Very interesting subject, thanks for putting up.


  2. Luz
    February 3, 2012

    This is so beautiful. I really enjoy it reading it that I email the link to my daughter because it reminds me of how much faith she has. In addition, how strong of characters God has make us and it is up to us to hold on to the doorhandle because the Lord is waiting to great us on the other side.

    Thanks such an inspiring story.



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