The Messianic Way


The Hole

The following two posts go together, like me and my wife.  They are a duet of sorts, of two individuals splendor through divergence.  But when viewed together forms a complete unity.  May you be blessed.

The Hole by David Shimshon

by Angela Samson - Copyright protected

Some people say, when you’re standing on top of a mountain, everything changes, including the view. Your able to see for miles and miles surrounded by pure beauty, but then again, how would I know this. As I sit here in my hole staring at blank walls of hopelessness. I wish I could see at least some light from my hole. There are times when I thought I saw the light, but after a while it just turned out to be distorted reflections off the walls.

Again, my hope diminishes, and my anguish carries me on to more questions. “Why am I here?”  “How did I get here?”  Questions, with no answers can drive a person insane. So, as I sit here in my dark hole I think about my life, and how I have everything I ever wanted. I have a beautiful family, nice home and cars. I have a good paying job that supports us. What else is there? I do have everything, except for shalom. I start to cry out to God again to rescue me from my own trap that I have snagged myself in. I start to doze off into a restless sleep once again, hoping for a vision, or even a dream of the mountain I will someday climb.

If only Yeshua would open my eyes, so I can see where I stand. Then maybe I wouldn’t destroy the very blessings from his hand.  I pour out my heart, and I pour out my soul.  I wish I could see the light from my hole.  What I thought was light has turned out to be distorted reflections off the walls.

But I realize this is a process, the sanctification of our souls. For having been completely blind and then being made to see, the light we first glimpsed was indeed a blessing.  But having been revealed more now that our eyes can adjust, we find the light we first glimpsed was only a reflection off the rocks of our hole.  But, wait.  What is that I see?  What is it that I was told?  Yeshua is at the top proclaiming I’m free!!!   Because now I have eye’s to see!!!!  He is telling me to climb, and that I’m his son.  He says I’ve given you the means by which to climb, and then once the top be reached, to run!  I am here all the way, if you slip and fall your newly opened eyes will still see the day!  As I stand at the top and say, “you can make it, I’ve lit the way!”


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Humility is the beginning of ones relationship with God, or the reminder of it's existence...... LOVE ~ Life's Only Valuable Emotion

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