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The Living Chain

I wanted to share with this blog a revelation I had with my wife few years ago.

As many may already know (or not) we have been traveling around a lot. We noticed new attitudes beginning to grow within us while traveling around. One good attitude was an attitude of waiting on God. Allowing Him to do what He wants in His own timing. Waiting…waiting…waiting “patiently” is the key.

We also noticed a growing bad attitude of resentment. We started to resent people, since where ever we traveled we could not find like-minded people to have fellowship with. (go figure)  We were discontent because we felt that nobody could offer us any help of any kind. We felt alone.

My wife was getting tired of the attitude and wanted a change.
She explained to me that she didn’t even care if we went to a church. She was going to find fellowship where ever. She felt that she needed to have some kind of mature communication other than our children. So when we moved to town we decided to go to this church we attended a long time ago. It’s a nice church, BIG, and they always had a good word. It’s VERY Christian. But I wasn’t about to feed my bad attitudes again so soon.So we started going to church and eventually ended up in a nice small group. We went a few times, but realized it just wasn’t what “we” wanted.  “We” wanted to get fed some meat, but we felt we were getting milk..and once again the old attitudes started coming back.  My wife’s mind would race with thoughts like…”Why go when we don’t get fed?…. There’s nothing really in common with these people since they all have a “Christian” mindset”.

We also felt we had nothing to offer them, since we were the ones looking for the food. Why would God want to use us anyway?? (oldest lie in the book). We were getting frustrated again. Wondering why God brought us back to this town. No fellowship, no friends, no like-minded believers. Poor poor us.

THEN……God started to convict my wife.   Fun.
He began to show her how she was being selfish. She was the one with the talent and she buried it. She was the one blessed and overflowing, but she wasn’t giving it away. She was the one with a little light, but was hiding it under a bushel basket. She was the one being called to harvest, but wasn’t harvesting. She was Guilty of being a Pharisee. Ohhhhh Joy.

God started to uncover her heart and eyes….and showed her what she needed to change, her attitudes.  So, she repented and prayed. She asked God what needed to be done next. Well, He told me that she needed to stay involved in the church…not for herself but for them.  She wasn’t to expect anything, but to give all that He has blessed her with. If it be knowledge, then give. If it be love, then give…if it’s patience…then give.  She needed to stop looking for herself, and be Giving of herself.  What a challenge.

SooOooo… She mentioned to me that we should go to the small group at church again. I rolled my eyes and asked..”Why? There’s nothing for us there.”
She then explained what God had been convicting her about lately.
I think she talked about an hour. She explained to me that she didn’t believe we were actually walking out our life like Yeshua walked. Yeshua walked in places where there was death all around.  Did Yeshua look to be feed or healed in those places full of death? No..He was the BREAD and HE was the HEALER. He was looking for those who needed… so that HE could give all of Himself to others. He was and IS the CUP who WAS and IS overflowing with goodness.

So who are we that we should say people have nothing for us? Or… we that we have nothing to offer others.  That’s a Lie.  Anyway…..We actually began to see things in a different light.

So, while I’m listening, (and listening…) I started to see an image. People always taking, and taking, without ever giving. And how that worked opposite to the process of a ‘living chain’. I started to see a fire bucket line. In fact, it didn’t matter what was being moved.

It was the fact that, as a living chain, one must take from the one giving and immediately give it to the one receiving.

If you don’t you break the chain, and the giver will find another receiver willing to take the gift. And the one who broke the chain does not actually break the chain. As a broken link, it becomes destroyed. But the chain itself is preserved by the Father. Who is the life within the chain. Sorta like the way we heal without any work of our own. All we need to do is rest and be careful. Then the Father does the rest.

I also got an image of receiving something from our Father, giving a very small portion away real quickly. Then returning to Him begging for more. But, He doesn’t give anything. Why? Because we still had more to give away. We were not really needing more. We were ‘wanting’ more and abusing what was given to us in the first place. We had only given a little away before we ran back and asked for more. Of course the answer is ‘no’! Go back and give the rest away. THEN I will give you more. Do good things with it and I will give you even more than last time.

Yeshua himself displayed that he was in a living chain with the Father. He did nothing that he did not hear or see from Him. Everything Yeshua did was because the Father was leading him and instructing him, and giving him all the gifts he needed, to give away. He was given everything from above, and all to give it to those who deserve it. Those with faith.

Ask the Father and it will be given, but the reason we pray and don’t receive, is because we pray with the wrong motive, that of wanting to indulge our own desires.

So, we are a living chain. Our food, our life, our being, all that we are and have, come from our Father above. Through His Son, He has given gifts to the faithful. These gifts are not to bury in the ground only to re-earth on the day of His coming. No, they are to invest. We are to invest our gifts in the Kingdom He has placed us in (Heaven). Our gifts of the Spirit are all the acts of love. Feeding the poor, caring for the needy, giving anything that you have, for the need of another. THIS is how we will know His followers, by the love they have for one another. And we know love because we know the One who loved us. And how he offered his love to us. So, we know how to offer our love he gave us to others.



About Shimshon

Humility is the beginning of ones relationship with God, or the reminder of it's existence...... LOVE ~ Life's Only Valuable Emotion

6 comments on “The Living Chain

  1. Paul Anderson
    November 29, 2011

    Great thoughts and a great revelation. As I’ve travelled to other countries in the world, and realized how “fat” and “obese” we are in the U.S. on church and Biblical teaching, I began realizing the same thing that you and your wife did. We really are spoiled on how much teaching, ministry and fellowship opportunities we have available to us. Most of us have become spiritually fat and lazy and our expectations from churches, ministers and other Christians are almost unattainable. When we begin looking instead for opportunities to use the talents, abilities, and knowledge that God has given us, He will open doors for us to be able to give away what we have consumed. Along with that, ironically, seems to come a spirit of gratefulness for the churches, ministers and other believers that God places in our lives, and instead of always wanting more, we grow content with what we have. Then, ironically enough again, it seems like all of a sudden, the minister/church/pastor seems to come alive with new revelations and teachings that challenge and stretch us.


  2. vesselofgod
    December 5, 2011

    Definitely well said. One thing about finding Hebrew roots is that it often brings out the pharisaical part of our personality. Knowledge is great but is useless and worthless without love, humility and empathy. I have been down this road before and it was a dark and destructive place. I am so glad that God reminded me of who He was again before it was too late. There is a fine balance which we all need to achieve in our walk between receiving and giving. I loved the image you used.


    • Shimshon
      December 6, 2011

      Thank you for your comments! I too have been down the road you described.


  3. Sojourning With Jews
    May 20, 2014

    Thank you for writing this, and posting the link on James’ blog this morning. Beautiful.


    • Shimshon
      May 20, 2014

      Thank you, my pleasure to share what God has freely given me. I believe James needed these words of love today.


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